Imagine something you want to attract. Do you think you are good enough to get it? Do you think you deserve to have it? Do you trust yourself? If you answered NO to one or more of these questions, you need to know some strategies to achieve attraction in your life.

Think of a negative person: They don’t see themselves as being able to prosper, achieve their goals or attract what they want. He tries, he does everything necessary, but he omits something significant: to believe that he can achieve it.

Attitude determines attraction to the things that come your way in life. Every day is an opportunity to put in place the strategies to achieve attraction. Start today!

Positive thinking has its rewards

Doing so will not only help you take control of your life, it can also benefit your mental and physical health, as well as your ability to cope with change, says a Mayo Clinic study.

Plan where you’re going

Think carefully about what you want, where you want to go and how you will get there. Write down in a visible place the steps and the time it will take you to accomplish them.

Love yourself and accept yourself as you are.

To attract good health and well-being, nothing is better than letting go of everything that is toxic, such as negative thoughts and feelings. Research has shown that positive thinking can strengthen our immune system, while negative thinking weakens it and makes it more vulnerable.

Recognize negative thoughts

Constantly saying, “Everything goes wrong with me” or “I’m a disaster” will slowly make your mind believe it. So every time you say something like that, stop it and eliminate it from your vocabulary; replace it with a positive thought and repeat it out loud.

Don’t forget to smile

A study by the U.S. National Institute of Health points out that a person who shows to be happy is beautiful in the eyes of others, especially a woman’s smile is the most attractive sight for men.

Focus on solutions

The best way to become an attraction magnet is to focus on solutions, not problems.

Watch your words

The saying “It’s not what they tell you but how they tell you” has a lot of truth to it. Taking care of what you say in form and tone will have a great impact on the interlocutor. If you make the strategies to achieve the attraction little by little, you will notice that your life will be less chaotic and more organized, and what you visualise will now be concrete.

How attract you want

According to the law of attraction, we emit a specific energy, and depending on whether it is positive or negative, for example, we will receive a similar energy to the one we project.

This law is closely related to thoughts and how we consider them to intervene in our lives. It is based on the fact that whatever we project into our environment, we will receive it in an identical way.

For example, if someone thinks positively about the idea that they will get a job soon, they are more likely to get it. However, they will certainly try to achieve it by maintaining a positive attitude and in constant search.

However, if a person thinks that he will never find the perfect partner, this is likely to happen. The reason is that they are emitting negative energies on this particular subject and are probably focusing in an unfavourable way to achieve it.

The law of attraction has no scientific basis; it depends on each person’s beliefs. However, although it is not possible to speak in scientific terms, a person can indeed focus positively on thinking about what they deserve and desires to attract it.

These guidelines can help you put the law of attraction into practice and focus on what you truly desire:

  • Focus on what you want: If you focus on what you want, you can have greater clarity to get it. Many people focus on what they don’t like, and so when asked what they want, they need clarification. However, making a list of everything you want to achieve and remembering what you do not wish will be clarifying, and we will focus our forces on it to get it.
  • Determine the quality of your thoughts: It is necessary to value the thoughts that you are having with respect to what you want to achieve. Here, intervene elements such as the limiting beliefs that suppose a limitation to achieve what you want. According to the law of attraction, the energy that is emitted is identical to the energy that is received. If you have positive and motivating thoughts, they will form a great base to achieve what you long for.
  • Visualize what you want: One of the essential things you can do to attract what you want is to visualize it as if it were already real. Please sit down and think in detail about what you want to achieve so that it becomes part of your reality, and determine the most appropriate actions to achieve it.
  • Take action: Not only thinking about it is not enough to achieve it. It is necessary to establish a series of actions, together with the above, in order to achieve it. For example, if a person wants to lose weight, he can visualize himself with fewer kilos, with the clothes he would wear, but he will also have to start improving his diet and practising sports.
  • It is always much better to have a positive attitude and focus on getting what you want than to focus on negative thoughts about what you want. The former will always be a great help in building courage and generating a plan of action; the latter can be very limiting.

Therefore, the law of attraction can be of great help to attract what you want to improve your life or be happier.


Tania Gabrielle is an astrologer, numerologist, and psychic. She is the creator of Numerology Academy - the first online certification course in Astro-Numerology. The course has been taught to thousands of students across 37 countries.

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