The law of attraction designates an aspect of our lives in which we are able to attract whatever we desire. This kind of realization happens when we positively vibrate an amount of energy, sending that force out into the universe. In this way, we attract what we desire as if we were a living magnet to our dreams and desires.

Given its complexity, it is common for many not to understand the mechanics of this proposition. Nevertheless, the connection between thoughts and energies is indicated by a great mass. Consciously or not, we have the power to influence the world around us and how it reflects this on us.

In the law of attraction in love, this force is directed to bring you someone to add to your heart. Your thoughts and internal force end up emanating a pre-liminary form of what love can be to you. It is not about the ideal partner, but rather the one who can complement you in a satisfying way.

Make your own laws

The law of attraction in love is based on the idea that we enact everything we wish to find in another. This goes beyond physical appearance, so that you focus on the energy of another person. Instead of “opposites attract,” the desired ones attract, regardless of distance and obstacles.

Because of this our affirmations need to be like decrees, firm and unyielding. We must be clear about our thoughts about the people we want in our lives. If you want someone caring, think and mentally say, in a positive way, how much you want someone like that.

The law of attraction works on the basis of small laws to support itself, in this case about love.

Make a list

Before we go on, we want to make it clear that this point is not about putting together the ideal love for you. Yes, we know the longings we may have for a person, but caution to do so is necessary. When we make wrong choices, we can become frustrated when the other does not deliver what we want.

You must mentalize what you want to receive, based also on what you can deliver. Each thought must be positive and well constructed, so that the good intentions about will become your fuel. Little by little, the available space will be filled by all that we emanate to the universe.

A list can help, but be realistic and direct with this as well. Write down everything that can be attracted to you in the fastest and most coherent way.


The list above is a good starting point to trigger the law of attraction in love. Through it we build the pillar of what we want to have and share with the other. In this, imagining scenarios to which the two share moments of happiness and togetherness also collaborates to this.

Not only imagine, but you must allow yourself to feel it and point out how and where you want to be. Before that, imagine the path taken to get to your future partner and vice versa. This kind of elaboration, even if you don’t feel it, is one of the first steps to naturally attracting your love.


We touch on this point because many people don’t seem determined enough to work on the law of attraction in love. No, we are not judging in any way, but unfortunately many give up before they get to the end. Attracting love mentally is not an easy task and not as quick as most should expect.

Be patient

Keep in mind that this process is carefully constructed so that the right person comes to you. Patience will help you not to give in to the desire to give up in the first moments. Matched loves take time to find, but they do exist.

Don’t be discouraged

Regardless of the weather, avoid getting discouraged and undoing the mental work you have so carefully built. It will be like abandoning the construction of a house before you finally put your roof on it. Believe in what you are doing and don’t give in to the desire to stop mentalizing the love you deserve.

Spread your strength

We are part of a large cosmic network in which we share the same essence of the universe. Just like us, other people can connect to it, send and receive energetic messages. Simplistically speaking, the law of attraction in love uses a network that sends messages to all of existence.

However, the more connected we are, the closer we are to the people, the better. This is because our force of desire is more concentrated around us, with more possibility of action.

In this regard, participate in social environments while still going about your life as usual. In every space you enter you will emanate the message you carry with you to the people who are nearby and who correspond. Even if you place yourself directly among them, only that profile you desire will more easily notice your presence.

Ladder to love

The law of attraction in love evokes the sequenced building of relationships as a way of creating a foundation in them. Everyone follows this in their own personal way, but being guided by this structure avoids skipping healthy stages of that contact. Start with:


Always try to nurture the feelings you carry in a positive way so that you can attract sensations similar to what you expect. This way, it will be easier for good things to come your way and positively impact your life. The way your perspective behaves directly influences the opportunities that propel you to success.

Focus only on what you want

The law of attraction in love goes far beyond what we desire, requiring a focus to work. We touch on this point because many people end up aiming at what they don’t want instead of doing the opposite movement. So always aim clearly at what you want and project that image out into the world.

Being grateful

Gratitude becomes another layer in attracting what we want. The moment we emanate feelings permeated by ingratitude, we more easily bring pain and discomfort to life. So be grateful for the achievements you have already had and for the possibility of bringing new ones your way.

Through visualization you will be able to project your desires in a grand and very realistic way. It is through this that a more powerful frequency will be emitted to the universe and returned to you. It will make it easier to open the way to the love you have been seeking until now.

Being positive

At various points in the article we have stressed the importance of working on your positivity in sending signals. With it we can guide our minds to touch what we want, and then bring it to us. Always use your positive outlook, not only in love, but also in your life.


The flow of your mind can end up suffering interference and directly affecting what you are looking for in love. In order to avoid this, try working on meditation to calm your mind and learn about. Not to mention that this will remove the impurities that encourage you to have pessimism and doubt what you do.


Finally, after working on your immaterial actions, it is now time to put these pillars into practice. All of the above can and should be brought into your daily life day after day in small doses. Shape part of your routine so that love can blossom and give the flowers you have been longing for.

Final thoughts about the law of attraction in love

The law of attraction in love aims to magnetize our feelings so that another corresponding person can be attracted to us. We all imagine what love can be like when it comes our way. So why not trace the passages through which it will pass to get to us?

So vibrate your energy carefully so that negativity is not a problem in this search. Be clear, be direct, and avoid distractions along the way. As delicate as this may be, the effort you put in is usually rewarding, and in fact, very worthwhile.


Tania Gabrielle is an astrologer, numerologist, and psychic. She is the creator of Numerology Academy - the first online certification course in Astro-Numerology. The course has been taught to thousands of students across 37 countries.

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