When abundance and prosperity are your goals, there are simple techniques to use in order to achieve all that you desire.

This doesn’t need to be difficult either. Too often, I talk to folks who complicate the idea of creating abundance in their lives.

First of all, get into the mindset that while you have goals and dreams that you’d like to see manifest in the physical world, they all begin with what you create inside yourself.

More specifically, it’s really a feeling you’re seeking. When you think about having a great relationship, isn’t it a feeling you get when you think about that goal?

Or, if you’re dreaming about getting rich, isn’t there a feeling attached to that? How will you feel when you achieve financial independence?

Even more specifically, you want to match the vibration of what you consider to be “success” in terms of achieving abundance and prosperity.

So, focus on how you’ll feel inside when you’re achieving all you dream of achieving. That feeling is a vibration. You must be able to “tune in” to that vibration or frequency so that you can attract what that vibration will bring into your life.

At first, you’re looking to find the feeling, the vibration of success, rather than the physical result. Once you can fill yourself with joy and happiness (meaning you’re at the correct vibration), then you’re on the way to seeing the physical manifestation of that particular goal.

Positive Self Talk

In the beginning, you may find it a bit difficult to tune in to the vibration of success. This is where using positive talk can begin to help get you in the right “place” from a vibration standpoint.

Many times, you feel negative, scared, or fearful about your goals of abundance and prosperity because you’ve been “programmed” with negative self-talk.

Consider the influence of television, radio, mainstream Internet, family, the “news”, friends, teachers, etc., and all the negative imagery these factors bring into your consciousness.

Is it any wonder you may have difficulty vibrating in a place of joy and peace?!

In the The Master-Key To Riches, Napoleon Hill tells us:

“(positive) Mental attitude is important because it converts the brain into the equivalent of an electromagnet that attracts the counterpart of one’s dominating thoughts and purposes…

…It also attracts the counterpart of one’s fears, worries, and doubts…

…A positive mental attitude is the starting point of ALL riches…”

Start saying to yourself phrases like the following:

  • “Everything always works out for me”
  • “I’m a good luck magnet”
  • “I’m a good luck generator”
  • “I’m lucky”
  • “All will be OK”
  • “In the end, everything seems to always work out to my advantage”

Think of other similar positive talk phrases you can say to yourself day after day…

Extra Tip: Creating Abundance and Prosperity Financially

If one of your goals is to become rich, here’s a tip one of my mentors shared with me, and it made a big difference:

Decide precisely how much money you want: Write down on paper (not on the computer) how much money per month you desire.

EXACTLY how much…and then write down precisely what you will do with that money, right down to exactly how much will go to pay the car payment, the mortgage, your food, gas, savings…even precisely how much will be set aside for taxes.

How can the universe deliver to you that which you don’t even know to ask for? Good question, I think.

How To Develop Your Abundance Mentality

When your goal is life “success”, an abundance mentality is a must. This is quite true, so if your thoughts are focused on how the “reality” is that the world’s resources are scarce, well, then that’s what you’ll experience.

On the other hand, if your belief system says the world is an abundant place where there’s more than enough to go around, then you’ll experience that “reality”.

It’s truly as simple as that when your goal is to experience the wonders of all that is good in this world. Having an abundance mentality, where you’re not afraid to share with others, opens up great things that always seem to “magically” make their way back to you.

Stephen Covey (author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) talked about it in terms of “win-lose”, meaning those folks possessing a scarcity mentality see things from a paradigm that says,

If someone else “wins,” that means I “lose.” If someone gets “this” (insert whatever: money, food, the promotion, etc.), then that means there’s less for me. When your mindset is a “lack” mentality, all this is true, but when you come from abundance, life becomes “win/win.”

Simple Steps To Achieving Your Abundance Mentality

I encourage you to take the following challenge: For the next 30 days, focus with all your might on feeling authentically good for anyone you hear is winning in their life.

  • See someone get promoted? Send them genuine feelings of happiness & good-will.
  • See someone recruit another person into their MLM opportunity? Truly feel good for them.
  • See someone move into their dream home? Feel good for them…let them know…get into a real place of appreciation for their success.

I promise you that if you stop feeling jealous of others, stop feeling like their success downgrades your opportunities for success, and genuinely feel genuine happiness for their good fortune, something will change inside of you… something extraordinary!

Appreciation Is a Big Key To This Process

Be appreciative of all that you have already.

Feel appreciation for the good fortune of others.

Appreciation has a magical way of sending out the correct vibration to the universe that matches up your intention with the results you seek in your life, whether it has to do with money, relationships, etc.

I encourage you to do this exercise:

Each day, write at least five things in your life you’re appreciative of. Each day, write down what you’re thankful for….it can even be that you’re grateful for something great you saw happen to someone else!

This will build upon itself…each day, you’ll be sending out a vibration that will tune you into the frequency of success, goodwill, and abundance. It WILL change your life…

Just go ahead and try it…let me know what happens.


Tania Gabrielle is an astrologer, numerologist, and psychic. She is the creator of Numerology Academy - the first online certification course in Astro-Numerology. The course has been taught to thousands of students across 37 countries.

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