Compared to other methods, the two-cup manifestation technique may be new to many people.

However, this is set to change, so please read on to learn why you should try the two-cup manifestation method.

If you wish to manifest something, the proper way to do so is by maintaining your focus on the vibration frequency.

There are many ways to do this. For example, there manifestation techniques, including:

  • Tesla’s 369 method
  • 55 x 5
  • Writing a gratitude journal
  • Visualization
  • and the water manifestation technique.

If you haven’t yet tried any of the methods above, it would be a good idea to try each in turn to find one that suits you best. It may take some time to hit the proper method for you, but that’s perfectly okay.

Once you discover the method that suits you best, you can use it for life for all your manifestations.

So, what is the two-cup manifestation method all about? And why would you need it?

The two-cup method is just like any of the other manifestation techniques we have mentioned. However, it diverges from the rest, and you need to gain an understanding of dimension shifting.

The two-cup technique is different from a conventional manifestation method.

Humans see the world in three dimensions. However, the two-cup method demands that you accept that the Universe has many more dimensions.

In a multi-dimensional universe, your presence is different in a multiverse.

In one version, for instance, you could be a billionaire. In another, you are at the other end of the social scale. Suppose you have ever watched Flash or Dark on TV. In that case, you will already have a good understanding of a multi-dimensional universe.

Dimension shifting – also known by some people as quantum jumping – means you can jump around the various dimensions.

How to use the two-cup manifestation method for dimensional shifting?

First, you will need the following equipment to get started:

  • Two cups
  • Sticky notes
  • A pen
  • Water

Next, you need to relax your mind before you go any further entirely.

Set aside plenty of time for this method; there’s no point in trying it when you’re too busy.

Find a quiet spot and get in the right mindset using relaxation techniques.

Then, visualize your goal for two minutes.

During this visualization, you need to have a clear focus on what you want to achieve.

Now, write your current status on a sticky note.

For example, this could be your job, salary, current job title, and how much you owe, and then write what kind of person you are.

Next, on a second sticky note, write the kind of person you aspire to be and their qualities.

How To Write Affirmations In The Two Cup Method

If your affirmation is about your future self, don’t write, “I will have a salary of $xxxxxx or find my perfect soulmate.”

This is because you are projecting a sense of the future in your affirmation.

The problem with this type of sentence is that the Universe will see your emphasis on things you don’t have at present.

Instead, it would be helpful if you expressed gratitude for your life in the present.

Now fetch a cup of water and paste your current status sticky note onto it.

Get a second empty cup and place your future self sticky note onto that cup.

Please take a few moments to consider both cups and the contents of their sticky notes.

Focus on your current status and see how that makes you feel.

Then, think about and feel what significant positive impacts will positively influence you when you become your aspirational self in the future.

Think of this as a visualization method with your eyes open.

While in the same positive mindset, pour the water from the current status cup into the empty cup. Slowly pour the water into the successful dimension cup while visualizing and feeling your successful self.

Once you have filled the empty cup with water, visualize your current status changing in the more successful dimension. Finally, drink all the water and believe that you have been transformed into a successful version of yourself.

Now, offer thanks for the ability to enter into that dimension and perceive it.

However, remember that there are a couple of things to be aware of beforehand.

One thing to remember when using this method is not to rush when pouring the water into the empty cup.

As explained earlier, it is best to carry out this method in a quiet and calm location.

If it proves difficult to find the time during the day, put it off to just before bedtime. Alternatively, you can get some peace in the early morning before anyone else gets out of bed.

It is sometimes easy to get distracted if you are a beginner and find it challenging to visualize correctly. But that’s okay.

It takes a little practice, so repeat the two-cup method and visualization until you have it spot-on.

When you write the current status sticky note, don’t beat yourself up by being too negative.

Remember to write positively about the things you are grateful for. Do all of this, and you will definitely see results using the two-cup method.

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The Two Cup Manifestation is a popular and powerful technique used in the realm of manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Rooted in metaphysics and quantum physics, this method leverages the concept of parallel realities to help individuals transition from their current state to a desired state. By using two cups of water as symbolic tools, practitioners aim to shift their vibration and align themselves with their desired outcomes.

How It Works

The Two Cup Manifestation technique is based on the idea that every possible outcome already exists in a parallel reality. By focusing your intention and energy on a specific outcome, you can shift from your current reality to the one where your desire is already realized. The water in this method acts as a medium that carries your intention and helps facilitate this shift.

Steps to Perform Two Cup Manifestation

  1. Prepare Your Materials:
    • Two cups or glasses
    • Water
    • Two pieces of paper and a pen
  2. Label the Cups:
    • On the first piece of paper, write down your current situation or reality. For example, “I am struggling financially” or “I am single and lonely.” Attach this paper to one of the cups.
    • On the second piece of paper, write down your desired situation or reality. For example, “I am financially abundant” or “I am in a loving relationship.” Attach this paper to the second cup.
  3. Fill the Cups:
    • Fill the cup labeled with your current situation with water. The other cup should remain empty.
  4. Focus Your Intention:
    • Take a moment to meditate or center yourself. Hold the cup with your current situation and focus on the feelings and circumstances associated with it. Acknowledge this reality without judgment.
  5. Transfer the Water:
    • Pour the water from the cup labeled with your current situation into the cup labeled with your desired situation. As you do this, visualize your desired reality becoming your new reality. Feel the emotions of having already achieved your desire.
  6. Drink the Water:
    • Drink the water from the cup labeled with your desired situation. As you drink, imagine the energy of your desired reality filling your entire being. Feel grateful and believe that the shift has already occurred.
  7. Release and Trust:
    • Once you have completed the ritual, release any attachment to the outcome. Trust that the Universe has received your intention and that the manifestation is underway. Continue to align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your desired reality.

The Science Behind It

While the Two Cup Manifestation technique might seem mystical, it aligns with principles of quantum physics, particularly the theory of parallel realities and the observer effect. The observer effect suggests that the act of observation can influence the outcome of an event at a quantum level. By focusing your intention on a desired outcome, you can potentially influence the manifestation of that outcome in your reality.


The Two Cup Manifestation technique is a simple yet effective method to harness the power of intention and the Law of Attraction. By symbolically transferring your energy from your current situation to your desired reality, you can initiate a shift that brings you closer to your goals. Whether you are new to manifestation or a seasoned practitioner, this technique can be a valuable tool in your manifestation toolkit. Remember, the key to success with any manifestation practice is belief, intention, and alignment with your desired outcome.


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