Most people are familiar with the concept of soulmates, but many are unfamiliar with that of twin flames or your mirror soul. Join us as we explore the stages and signs of twin-flame relationships.

What is a twin flame or mirror soul?

A twin flame is similar to a soulmate in that it is an intense soul connection with another person. The main difference is that a twin flame is precisely the other half of your soul instead of being another soul that you get along with extremely well. Twin flame relationships do not have to be romantic and often are not the person you will spend your life with.

A twin flame is said to be the other half of your soul in another body. If you have a twin flame, you are fated to meet them at some point in your life, and you will recognize them when it occurs.

Twin flame relationships are intense and reveal things about yourself that will help you grow and become a stronger and more complete person. They offer lessons and challenges that no other relationship can offer due to the fact that your souls have come from the same place.

Where did the idea of twin flames and mirror souls come from?

The first mention of twin souls comes from Plato, the Greek philosopher. He theorized that original humans had one head with two faces, four arms, and four legs with two sets of genitalia. These humans were considered the actual twin flames and were mighty beings.

As these beings were so powerful, the gods of the time felt threatened and had to act lest humans overtake them. To allow humans to continue existing in peace, Zeus split the original humans into two separate beings. We exist in this form today, and the ancient universe continues to follow our story.

Because humans were split and their souls divided, an encounter with your twin flame is incredibly intoxicating after being separated for so long; being together as one is overwhelming and leads to intense relationships.

Secondary theory

Another theory as to where twin flames originate is that once one’s soul has ascended to a higher plane at the end of one’s life, it has a chance to be split into two souls before returning to an earthly body. The splitting of a soul once it reaches a higher frequency can leave one yearning for reconnection with their soul counterpart. This is what leads to the typical stages of a twin flame connection.

The major twin flame stages of connection

As twin flames are two halves of the same soul, they are drawn to each other as if they were magnets. This leads to several typical stages of a twin flame encounter.

Stage 1: Dreaming of “the one”

In this stage, you may experience an uncontrollable intrusive thought that someone is out there whom you need to meet. This can happen during dreams or while you are awake and going about your day.

You’ll feel an intense desire to meet them and, at the same time, a strange sensation of knowing that you will meet them and that there is no rush. These two competing emotions can be confusing but are a vital sign that you are on your way to a mirror-soul encounter.

Stage 2: Noticing “the one”

After you become aware of their energy and vibrations, you will have an experience where you briefly come into contact with your twin flame. This can be a chance encounter or a dream, but you will come away from either with a distinct sense that there is something about this person that you need to connect with.

It will be an urge that you haven’t experienced before and will cause you to gain confidence in ways you haven’t felt before. The desire to connect with them will overcome any doubt or insecurities you may have about yourself or a potential relationship.

Stage 3: In love

Once you have connected with your mirror soul, your love will be hard to contain. It will be undoubtedly one of the most intense emotional experiences of your life, and they will feel the same way. The honeymoon phase of this relationship will be incredibly fulfilling.

Stage 4: The test

Once you’ve met and engaged with the other person, you will find that in addition to the intense feeling of love and connection, you will have a deep need to understand the other person. Because they are a mirror of your soul, you will be tested by your soul and its limitations as experienced through another person.

When you both connect, you will notice the drawbacks and negatives of the other person that perfectly mimic your downfalls. You will be challenged to accept or work on these flaws in yourself to become a better person.

Stage 5: Crisis and problem-solving

This stage occurs when you have begun to understand the other person and have to come to terms with a significant issue or problem that plagues both of you. Every relationship has conflict, and a twin soul conflict is simply more challenging to overcome than a traditional relationship issue due to its intensely personal nature.

This stage can form an even more profound connection with your mirror soul as resolving a significant issue forms deeper bonds than you previously had.

Stage 6: Running or chasing stage

In this stage, you can find yourself in either role, and you may even act in both roles for some time. This stage occurs only out of fear of the level of intimacy that is possible in a twin flame relationship. It will only end when the runner stops running, and the chaser stops chasing.

Reaching a compromise and getting past this stage requires working with the other person to better both halves of your soul. This can be particularly challenging when your twin flame is so similar to you.

Stage 7: Surrender

Both halves of the soul need to realize that they cannot control everything about the relationship. This is a difficult time in the relationship and one that can only be overcome by getting rid of stress and anxiety from past relationships and letting your defenses down entirely.
Once you’ve both lowered your defenses, the next stage can begin.

Stage 8: Balance and harmony

After you’ve taken the time to confront and overcome your darkest issues, your relationship will experience an incredible period of balance. Completing the complex steps indicates that you’re both ready to enter into a genuinely life-changing relationship.

Whether this is as friends or lovers, this person will be someone with whom you have an incredible bond over the years that will not falter in the face of difficulty or hardship.

5 undeniable signs you’ve met your twin flame

Mirror Soul

In order to get started on working through the stages of a twin flame relationship, you will need to be able to recognize the signs that your twin flame is present in your life. These are the top 5 signs you’ve met your twin flame.

1. You are truly yourself when you are with them

A twin flame relationship does not require you to put on a face or an act in order to attract the other person. Doing so may lead to you missing the connection with your twin flame. The point of the relationship is that you are unapologetically you, and they love everything about you down to your deepest faults.

2. You’ve been through trials and are on a higher vibrational level when you meet them

If your consciousness is not elevated enough, you will not pick up on the signs needed to guide you to your twin flame. Going through hardship and trials in your life is a required part of growing wiser and becoming more conscious. Sometimes, we need to go through struggles that the other person has already gone through, or the connection will not be ready to be made.

3. There’s a sense of familiarity

There are not usually any feelings of awkwardness in a genuine twin flame relationship. From the moment you meet, you feel relaxed and comfortable around this person. You feel like you’ve known them your entire life without actually meeting them. While it’s rare, this connection will happen for you if you and your twin flame’s vibrations are on the same level at the same time in your lives.

4. A feeling of completeness

Meeting your twin flame is the same as reconnecting with an old friend who has drifted away. You will feel spiritually complete and be able to recognize this when you meet them. The feeling of completeness puts you at ease and you can relax when you are around them.

5. You exist in your own space

Being connected to your mirror soul means that when you are together, nothing else matters. The world could be ending, but as long as you are sharing the moment, it may as well be your birthday. Being able to let yourself go and just exist with another person entirely is a level of existence that most struggle to achieve.

There may be conflict!

Most of the signs that your twin flame and you have connected are profoundly emotional and very positive, intense feelings. It’s worth noting that these relationships will still cause conflict as you both have similar problems that need to be resolved.

If you feel as though someone may be your twin flame based on the signs but are entering a stage of conflict with them, don’t be discouraged. This conflict helps form deeper connections and is actually a good thing, letting you get to know the other person and yourself a little bit better.


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