If lately you have been seeing repeating number 555 around you, that does not mean you are going crazy – and no, it is not just a coincidence. These numbers are literally your calling. It is a sign from your guardian angel and the universe’s way of communicating with you. These repeating number sequences appear from time to time as clues to guide you. But what are they trying to tell you? In this short guide, we will tell you what 555 is and why it holds so much spiritual value.

What is Angel Number 555 Trying To Tell Me?
555 is an angel number and a special number sequence in numerology. When you start seeing this number often, that means your angels are giving you a sign that your life is about to change. You are headed in the right direction and it is time to remove all negativity and embrace the positive energy.

Components of 555
Every figure has a deeper meaning. You know what 555 means on the surface but to really understand its full impact, you have to take a closer look at its components. 555 is made up of 5 and 55.

5 – Brings a positive change and represents growth. It is also a symbol of grace and perfection.
55 – This master number represents freedom, independence, self-growth. It encourages you to keep working towards your goals and keep looking forward to new opportunities.

555 Vibrational Essence
The ‘vibrational essence ‘is the heart of any numerical figure. It is a single digital number derived from the sequence. It gives a deeper meaning to the number. To find the vibrational essence, break down the figure into individual digits and them add them up to get the sum:

5+5+5 = 15
1+5 = 6

Thus, the vibrational essence of 555 is 6. 6 is known as the mother number. As a mother grows life inside her, 6 motivates you to build a new life for yourself. To nourish your soul, work hard and keep growing until you give birth to your dream life. It also represents truth, peace and harmony.

555 Spiritual Meaning
Spiritually, the number 555 reflects major transformation and transition. It is about going to major emotional, mental and spiritual growth in life. If you have been seeing 555 around you, get ready for a major shift in life. This life-altering change is a positive change that will bring you abundance – in no matter what you seek.

555 Biblical Meaning
According to the Bible, the digit 5 symbolizes kindness, grace and salvation. Seeing 5 alone or in a repeated sequence indicates that your guardian angel is communicating with you. When 5 is repeated thrice, it usually means that your prayers are going to be answered soon. Another notable meaning of 5 in the Christianity is related to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Before his death, he was wounded 5 times – 2 nails in hands, 2 in feet and one piercing the side. These five wounds represented the Lord’s mercy towards mankind.

555 Numerology Meaning
Numerology dates back to the ancient Greeks. Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher and mathematician, was the first person to number the planets and associated those numbers to different meanings and energies. The number 5 is connected to the planet Mercury and represents change. It also indicates travel, journey, exploration, growth and success. So, in numerology 555 is related to a person’s journey of life and what he can achieve at his full potential.

The Influence of 555
Seeing 555 influences you to evaluate yourself and bring positive change in yourself. It is a sign from the angels to work on your spiritual growth to attain self-awareness. With new, more meaningful and more profound experiences, you will lead a life full of blessings. Your guardian angel will guide you to reach your goals and dreams and the universe will increase you in favor.

The Negative Side of 555 Angel Number
In some cultures, 555 is associated with misfortune and bad luck. However, when you look at the various spiritual, numerological and biblical analysis, 555 does not signify bad luck. This number brings many changes in your life, which can be scary for some people. Thus, they associate it with misfortune. However, what they fail to realize is that once you have endured the transitional period, you will enter the best phase of your life. Remember, 555 is an angel number and Angels are bearers of good news so it can not be negative.

Seeing angel number 555
If you see 555, you are ready to manifest your desires. You will soon find your life purpose and excel in every walk of life. 5:55 will bring new challenges and changes but they take you to new heights of personal growth and enlightenment. So, be kind and positive and let the universe guide you.


Tania Gabrielle is an astrologer, numerologist, and psychic. She is the creator of Numerology Academy - the first online certification course in Astro-Numerology. The course has been taught to thousands of students across 37 countries.

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