Crystals have long been valued for their spiritual and healing properties. Howlite stands out among these stones for both its striking appearance and profound spiritual meaning. Howlite is a borate mineral known for its white or light gray coloration often streaked with black or dark brown veins – it was discovered in Nova Scotia by Henry How, a Canadian chemist, geologist, and mineralogist who discovered it in 1868 and named after himself! Despite only recently coming into popularity within spiritual communities worldwide. This article dives deeper into Howlite’s spiritual significance by exploring its properties as well as uses.

Howlite’s Physical Attributes

Before diving deeper into its spiritual benefits, it’s essential to gain an understanding of Howlite’s physical attributes. Composed mainly of hydrous calcium borate and with colors ranging from white to light gray featuring distinct web-like veins, Howlite is easily distinguishable among other crystals due to its physical traits – however its beauty goes much deeper than skin deep; there is an array of spiritual benefits waiting to be discovered within this crystal.

Howlite Has Spiritual Properties of Howlite

Howlite’s hallmark spiritual property is its ability to induce deep calm and serenity. Commonly referred to as the “Stone of Calmness”, Howlite can help individuals connect with higher states of consciousness while providing serenity and alleviating stress. Used during meditation sessions, Howlite can create an oasis of peace, inviting mind into deep relaxation.

Emotional Healing
Howlite is well known for its emotional healing properties. This stone can help soothe turbulent emotions, making it an excellent stone to help ease anxiety, anger or grief. Howlite’s energy also assists in recognizing and releasing emotional pain to provide clarity and understanding during challenging situations – as well as encouraging patience tolerance and inner peace through its soothing properties.

Enhance Communication
Howlite is associated with the throat chakra, which governs communication and self-expression. This stone has long been believed to promote verbal communication as well as to allow individuals to more freely express themselves verbally and verbalize their true thoughts and emotions. Howlite provides an invaluable ally for those struggling to express themselves or speaking their truth, encouraging honest dialogue while providing clarity of thought and compassionate expression of emotions.

Howlite is a stone of spiritual development and illumination. It supports expansion of one’s consciousness while raising spiritual awareness, providing access to higher wisdom and insights that lead to deeper self-knowledge as well as providing connection with higher realms and spiritual beings. When used for meditation practices or spiritual practices it helps bring about profound personal transformation as it opens one up to higher wisdom from spirit beings who offer advice or guidance from above.

Memory and Learning
Howlite is widely recognized for its abilities to strengthen memory and promote curiosity about new information. It may help with concentration and focus, making it a wonderful stone to aid students or those engaged in intellectual pursuits in concentration or recall of memory information when necessary, thus improving mental clarity and cognitive function.

How Howlite Benefits Daily Life

Integrating Howlite into daily life can provide many spiritual advantages. Here are a few ways it can be utilized:

Meditation with Howlite can transform your meditation practice by inducing deep relaxation and inner peace. Keep a piece of Howlite in your hand or place it upon the third eye during meditation to strengthen the connection with your higher self and spiritual guides.

Wearing Howlite as jewelry provides you with a constant source of calming energy throughout the day, helping maintain emotional balance and feeling of tranquility in challenging circumstances. This can be particularly effective during times of high stress.

Home Decor
Add Howlite crystals to your home decor for a peaceful and harmonious space. Consider placing Howlite stones in areas you spend most of your time, such as your bedroom and living room, to take advantage of their soothing energy.

Utilizing Howlite during affirmations can amplify their power. Hold a piece of Howlite while repeating affirmations for peace, emotional healing or spiritual development to enhance their effectiveness.

Crystal Grids
Incorporating Howlite into crystal grids can enhance their energy and intention. Howlite pairs well with other soothing stones such as Amethyst or Rose Quartz to form an energetic field conducive to meditation, healing, or manifesting goals.

Howlite and Chakra Healing

Chakras are energy centers within our body that play an integral part in maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Howlite is often linked with the throat chakra – located at the throat area and responsible for communication, self-expression, truthful speech, truthful listening skills etc – which regulates communication, self-expression and truth. Balancing this chakra using Howlite may help clear blockages that inhibit open and honest communication resulting in improved relationships, increased self-confidence and an enhanced sense of personal integrity!

Howlite can also help align our crown chakra, located at the top of our heads. The crown chakra represents our connection with divinity and higher consciousness; Howlite’s ability to stimulate this area facilitates spiritual development and enlightenment while connecting physical with spiritual realms.


Howlite is an exceptional crystal with profound spiritual properties that can greatly improve many areas of one’s life, from emotional healing to communication development and spiritual growth. From meditation sessions and jewelry wearers alike to home environments – Howlite provides peace and serenity that makes it an invaluable tool for spiritual seekers as well as anyone seeking overall well-being improvements.

Engaging the spiritual meaning of Howlite can bring about a deeper appreciation for oneself and the universe, creating harmony and equilibrium in daily life. If you incorporate Howlite into your spiritual practices, you may discover yourself more sensitive to subtle energies around you, more in tune with emotions, and more connected to your higher self.


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