The energy of numbers is something that is very present in our life. That is why, when it comes to choosing what your business will be called, you cannot fail to consult the numerology of the company name.

If you want this work to be prosperous, successful, it is important that you rely a little on the energy of the universe. Understand what you want for this cycle and do everything you can to attract it to your path.

One of the ways to do this is by using numerology to your advantage!

Want to understand more about how all this works? It’s pretty easy, check it out:

The numerology of the company name

Each number has a vibration capable of bringing countless benefits to our lives.

This is why the numerology of names exists!

This way, you analyze what your objectives are, what you want to do with this company, and through numerology, understand which number has the energy that best suits your purpose, and use it to your advantage.

Through numerology it is possible to unveil what your qualities, challenges and efforts will be to reach your final goal.

Why use company name numerology?

The numerology of the company name is important because you will use the powers of the universe to attract good energies to your business.

Knowing that numerology is the study of the hidden meaning of numbers and the influence they have on our lives. We can understand that each number emits an individual vibration that will bring a certain advantage to our daily lives.

Thus, by defining the name of your company through this study, you will find a name that has a unique energy and is especially made for you. Your achievements will be more certain and you will have a name that conveys the purpose of the company’s existence.

And how does the numerology of the company name work?

Doing the numerology of the name is quite simple, but it needs a lot of attention.

First you need to sketch out some name ideas and write them down completely. Write down exactly how you plan to take to the creation of your company.

This way you will use the letter and number table below:

numerology table – company name numerology

Put under each letter the number it corresponds to and add it up, for example:

A + S + T + R + O + C + E + N + T + R + O

1 + 1 + 2 + 9 + 6 + 3 + 5 + 5 + 2 + 5 + 6 = 45

After adding everything up to just 1 digit, check out the meaning of this number and the influence it will have within your business.

45 = 4 + 5 = 9.

After this, you only need to identify which number resembles your purposes and so, you will use the numerology of the company name.

Meaning of the numbers – Numerology of the company name

Check out what the energy of each number is and what it means in the context of business numerology:

Number 1

This number is usually linked to companies that are innovators and pioneers in a certain area. They are usually original companies that always seek to be the first in something.

Expression: Number 1 is the number that stands for leadership and innovation. It can represent new cycles, new beginnings, and original ideas.
Impression: Companies with the number 1 impression are usually more energetic, determined in everything they want, direct. They are known as companies that convey an image of independence.
Motivation: Number 1 indicates that it is a company that will always position itself ahead of others. It seeks independence, freedom, and above all, control over everything.

Number 2

This number is very good for companies that are focused on partnership, for example, franchises. It is a number that will help a lot in matters of negotiations, in solving conflicts, and companies that seek to take care of people as well.

Expression: This number means balance and prosperity. It has an energy of great intuition, sensitivity, pacificity, and a free spirit.
Impression: Companies with impression 2 bring the impression of sensitivity and kindness, they also have more feminine and discreet vibes.
Motivation: Number 2’s motivations are connected with creating harmony, building loyal partnerships, and reaching fair agreements in their negotiations.

Number 3

This number is favorable for communication companies and creativity. Usually these are communication companies such as agencies, companies that work with entertainment, or even nightclubs.

Expression: This is the number of communication, sociability and expansion, it is focused on intellectuality and versatility.
Impression:. It usually presents an attractive, artistic, charming, and persuasive image.
Motivation: The motivations of this number are connected to make the environment comfortable and fun.

Number 4

The number 4 is directly linked to companies that work with cleaning, organization, companies that are connected to the human body, for example, clinics or gyms.

Expression: This number can represent security, organization, or stability. It conveys an air of responsibility, seriousness, organization, and cleanliness.
Impression: The impression of this number gives us a visual identity focused on elegance, cleanliness, and even conservatism.
Motivation: The motivation of this number seeks the loyalty of its clients and partners. They usually have a code of ethics, and are more conservative in their values.

Number 5

This number is related to companies that bring us different experiences, for example travel or extreme sports agencies.

Expression: This number is linked to constant change, travel, carefree, new experiences, and freedom.
Impression: Companies with impression 5 insist on doing things differently than others. It draws attention by its style and tasteful bright colors. It is fun and attracts everyone’s attention.
Motivation: The motivation of this number brings us personal freedom, openness to any experience, to work with people, and to always be a stripped-down place.

Number 6

This number is associated with businesses connected to the world of beauty and well-being, for example beauty clinics, beauty salons, or even health clinics.

Expression: This number has an energy of harmony and calm, responsibility, balance, faithfulness, and honesty.
Impression: Number 6 gives the impression of a friendly and pleasant person.
Motivation: The motivation of this number is based on union, harmony, luxury, and comfort. They are usually companies that fix everything and solve everything for everyone.

Number 7

This number is related to companies connected to education, for example, course companies or schools. Also companies directly connected to the holistic world, for example meditation centers.

Expression: This is a sacred number, there are 7 days of the week, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 wonders of the world. It is an energy of wisdom and expertise.
Impression:. This number brings a unique and imposing communication and differentiates itself from the others.
Motivation: This number is for companies that wish to obtain intellectual victories.

Number 8

This number is linked to companies connected to the financial world, such as banks. Companies that are linked to entrepreneurship and linked to money.

Expression: This number is directly linked to material wealth, search for success, gains, power, and responsibility.
Impression: This number brings us a more executive and big business air and of course a high standard appearance.
Motivation: This number is for companies that wish to have power and financial success.

Number 9

This number is linked to companies that are directed to activities that help others. In other words, NGOs, day-care centers, or even hospitals.

Expression: This number is related to companies that work with understanding, realization, and that are related to helping others.
Impression: The motivation of this number is linked to generosity with the needy and shows that they are always concerned about their neighbor.
Motivation: Companies with numerology 9 always seek knowledge and want to serve humanity.

The numerology of the company name is a great way for you to achieve the success you so much desire and hope for. Just as it is useful for other fields of life.


Tania Gabrielle is an astrologer, numerologist, and psychic. She is the creator of Numerology Academy - the first online certification course in Astro-Numerology. The course has been taught to thousands of students across 37 countries.

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