moon readingDo you want to discover yourself, explore your life and see what the future holds? If yes, Moon Reading can help you. It is a platform that gives you the key to improve yourself and attract abundance in life. Moon reading has several other benefits. Today, you will find out everything you need to know about Moon Reading in this short guide. 

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What is Moon Reading? 

Moon Reading is a program that interprets your moon signs and what it holds for you. The experts analyze the placement of moons at the time of your birth and calculate your moon sign. Your moon sign holds all the information about your character, nature, behavior and life. It serves as a guiding principle. It gives an insight to your personality, your struggles, your relationships and cosmic energies that affect your life. 

About the Creators 

Moon Reading is created by two astrologists named Brad and Jeremy and is run by ThoughtOpera – a manifestation website. Both Jeremy and Brad are well-known astrologists with years of experience in Astrology and sign reading. Over the years, they have helped many people understand the true meaning behind their existence and change the course of their life. As they got more and more popular, they decided to move their services online and thus, created ThoughtOpera. Along with Astrology and moon sign reading, they also offer Tarot Reading. 

How To Get Started? 

To get started, visit the ThoughtOpera website and fill the form to share the details like name, time of birth, date of birth and place of birth. Based on the information you provide; you will receive a personalized moon reading report that will decode the meaning behind your moon sign. 

How Does Moon Reading Work?

With the help of an advanced Astrology software the experts at Moon Reading generate a 3D model of the solar system according to the time and date of your birth. This model shows the exact placement and position of the planets and the moon on the day of your birth. This data combined with the comprehensive knowledge of astrological teachings, allows the expert to create a personalized moon reading for you. Each person has a unique moon reading based on their time, date and location of birth. 

What is Included? 

First you receive your free personalized moon reading report which gives you a detailed insight into your personality, emotions, strengths, weakness and opportunities. It tells you what you have to change and manifest in your life to attract a more desirable future. Besides the free report, you can also get Ultimate Astrology Reading 2.0. It is a premium 34-page long moon reading that includes multiple readings and meditation audios. It goes deep into life with some eye -popping details and helps you explore your full potential. 


  • Wealth & Abundance Manifestation Meditation 
  • Miracle Moon Meditation 
  • Meditation Masterclass 
  • Ultimate Astrology Reading 
Is Moon Reading Effective?

Moon Reading gives you the information you need to manifest the life you desire. By understanding your moon sign and how the planets affect your life, it reveals

  • Your passions and what career paths are best suited for 
  • Your skills and talents that will help you achieve your goals 
  • Insights into your personality and character to help you grow, transform and manifest 
  • What areas of your life need the most attention and how to overcome struggles? 
  • How to find wealth secrets that lead to financial success and prosperity
  • What the stars say about you and your future 
  • What your sole purpose is and how to satisfy it

The audio meditation tracks also help reset your subconscious mind and attract the abundance, success and happiness you desire. 

Who Is Moon Reading For? 

Moon reading is for everyone as it can actualize your goals. This program is designed for all those people who are struggling and stuck in their life. It is for those who don’t know how to make their dreams a reality. It helps you understand yourself, your current life and what you need to do to manifest the life you want. If you want to understand the purpose of your existence, why you are suffering and what you can do to create a better future, try Moon Reading. 

Benefits of Moon Reading 
  • Moon Reading will help you find your hidden qualities and tell you how to build your best personality
  • It reveals your strengths, weaknesses, talents and skills
  • Helps you understand the secrets and redefine your life 
  • It gives you in depth insights to manifest a successful financial future
  • Allows you to discover yourself and find life-altering ideas 
  • Tells you how to find and create meaningful relationships in life
  • It influences your mindset and makes you a create a healthy environment in which you can thrive 
Drawbacks of Moon Reading 
  • The detailed personalized reports are too lengthy
  • Some customers were left unsatisfied 
  • It can reveal some bitter truth about you and your life 
Moon Reading Price

The program only costs $27 and you can buy it directly from the official Moon Reading website. The price is kept very affordable so anyone can order it without worrying about their financial position. 

Customer Reviews

Moon Reading has attracted many positive reviews from the customers. You will find multiple posts on Facebook that claim it actually works. So, judging by the feedback and real experiences of the users, we can conclude that Moon Reading is effective and provides accurate insights. Many customers also claim that the in-depth reading resonates with their life.


Many of us only know about sun signs and consider them powerful but they are not at all as effective as moon sign. Your moon sign is more accurate and holds crucial information about your nature, soul, emotions, life and future. Numerous customers say that Moon Reading offers real, long lasting and up to date readings. These readings are created using lunar indications and expert astrological information. If you want to learn about yourself, Moon Reading is worth buying. It will help you get the life you want!

Click Here To Order the Moon Reading Program From The Official Website


Tania Gabrielle is an astrologer, numerologist, and psychic. She is the creator of Numerology Academy - the first online certification course in Astro-Numerology. The course has been taught to thousands of students across 37 countries.

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