As a master or main number, 33/6 is associated with harmony, complaisance, and compassion. Compassion, mental clarity, helpfulness, and the ability to perceive and feel a lot are characteristic of these people. They are very responsible and bear the responsibility also for others. They take care of their needs, in the professional as well as in the private sphere. However, this nonconformist personality achieves its goals less through confrontation and subversion than through persuasion, encouragement, and friendship.

Both arrogance and its opposite, the abandonment of one’s principles, should be avoided at all costs. This number also has an extraordinary intelligence, which enables it to guide and advise others, but it often takes decades before it is able to do so.

The 33 personalities carry great potential, but they also face a great many challenges. The first challenge for them is to be able to let go and not be fixated on their own imagination; a second is to also be able to separate themselves and look at themselves. A third challenge is to find the courage to stand by oneself and make changes.

Furthermore, the facade of the person with LZ 33/6 often does not correspond to what he really is. At some point, this personality type gets the feeling of not being able to live out his own life and thinks he is in a prison. Sometimes life simply forces him to change. The basic feelings are: I am blocked, I am paralyzed, I feel pressure on my chest.

The person with the master number 33/6 can unfold when he discards the patterns of the ancestral family and discovers himself in the process. When the 33/6 person has taken the path of self-awareness, can finally set boundaries, and be true to himself, he is very loving and able to form stable bonds. However, he also harbors the opposite tendency in that he “clings” and cannot let go.

33s personalities basically feel a deep love for humanity and nature and often suffer greatly when they are misunderstood or not accepted. They find it difficult to let go and allow loved ones to have other interests. The biggest challenge for them is when they have to watch people they love to make mistakes.

The shadow sides of the life number 33/6

The most developed shadow side of these people represents their intellectual superiority. Due to their quick comprehension and solution-oriented mind, they manage to assess their fellow human beings quickly and quite correctly. They recognize their weak points quite quickly. This dark side shows up predominantly with men with this life number. Through these character traits, they often compensate for their inner insecurity.

On the outside, they show themselves confident and competent and take the role of an observer. With their targeted statements and sharp criticisms, they often unsettle the counterpart. This gives them the feeling of being superior. This gives them security and they can then relate. They even slip into the helper role and sometimes the savior role to help the person they first questioned or criticized solve their problems.

Another downside of these individuals is their tendency to want to patronize others, to impose their solutions and advice on them, convinced that they know what is right for the other person. Because of this behavior pattern, they attract many people who are needy and who project onto them the unmet childhood needs. In this role, the 33/6 takes on the parental figure for these people and in this way also disempowers the latter.

He should learn to allow those around him to feel and sense what they need in order to develop and be free. 33/6 personalities must recognize that people sometimes need detours that may seem unnecessary from the outside, but are just right for the development of each individual.

The life number 33/6 in relationships

These people live in the unfulfillable expectation that their fellow human beings will one day become what they imagine them to be.

This eternal expectation puts these people and their partners under constantly increasing pressure, which can often lead to crises in a relationship. Most of the time, the person does not complain about their disappointed expectations. Instead, she quietly withdraws and engages in behaviors that make the other person understand that she has been offended.

The other person feels put out because they have no idea why or in what way their behavior was offensive, and only becomes more distant as a result.

These personalities should become more tolerant of other counterparts. If they feel they are being too harsh on themselves and others, these individuals should try to become aware of their judgment. In this case, it would be beneficial for them to distance themselves from their strict viewpoint and focus on the positive and endearing qualities of their counterpart. This supports to put themselves in the other person’s position and to use every moment to relate with loving thoughts and understanding – also with themselves.

The life number 33/6 in partnership

33/6 master number

The 33/6 personality desires harmony, connection, belonging and a fulfilled sexuality in a couple relationship. This creative and humorous spirit longs for a relationship in which he can grow and develop personally. He also wants variety, a fruitful exchange, and also development on a physical level.

However, this personality often takes on the role of helper in the partnership and tends to adapt to the partner due to its pronounced empathy. If the 33/6 person takes on the role of leader and driver in the partnership, then he finds it difficult to realize himself personally in the couple relationship.

But if this person succeeds in living his liveliness and natural curiosity, then he finds creative possibilities to live his own greatness and to fulfill his own natural need for development also in the couple relationship. This is exactly the condition that motivates this person to stay in the couple relationship.

In fact, often these people tend to adapt to the rhythms and habits of the partner for some time, sometimes even for years. At some point, however, their own nature also wants to be heard, and because of this, at a certain point in the partnership relationship, they often experience an intense crisis, which may even lead them to break away from the partner or to initiate a radical change in the partnership.

Family theme of the family of origin of the life number 33/6

People with the master number 33/6 feel alienated in their family system and feel sad when there are disagreements between parents or family members.

They should learn to talk about the needs and hurts, and not see the past as an obstacle and cause of their present problems.

Life number 33/6 beliefs that hinder development.

“I have to help.”

People with life number 33/6 need time for themselves and their own lives. First and foremost, they should help only when asked, but not roam the world like noble knights, always looking for people who can save them and carry them on their hands. Often, because of their inner attitude, they are physically very tense and suffer from pain caused by intense and rigid neck tension.

“I am responsible for my environment.”

The person with this master number, as mentioned, carries the aspects of life number 6. Therefore, in the same way as the 6, he feels an intense need to help others. From childhood he feels responsible for the harmony in his environment and for the happiness of the family members. When these personalities are focused outward and on the needs of others, there is a danger that they will interpret others’ demands as their own and not focus on their personal lives.

It often takes clear signs from the body to get them out of this pattern of behavior. They somatize exceedingly intensively, but the mental pain has to torment the body very strongly before they pay attention to the discomfort and change something. Their critical inner voice often makes itself heard, and in addition, they have the aforementioned tendency to feel and make themselves small.

“I am not good enough.”

The people with the master number 33/6 have the tendency to value themselves little and pay little attention. They are mostly busy with their thoughts and therefore not present. Dense sequences of thoughts capture their attention, so they are not able to switch off and show their cheerful and humorous side.

These personalities often feel tense, especially when the feeling of not being good enough overcomes them. It is very difficult for them to give up control until they feel they are in the right role. Since 33/6 personalities are always on the lookout for such positive feedback, they have become keen observers over the years. They need time for themselves and a lot of courage to break away from this uptight pattern – the strongest pattern of this life number – and to be ready now to show themselves intuitively, spontaneously and not perfectly.

Confidently live the life number 33/6

Successfully learn to pay attention to the positive things in life

Their innate perfectionism and high expectations towards themselves and others makes people with the 33/6 tend to be always focused on negatives and what they don’t have. This inner attitude puts them under pressure and creates a latent feeling of dissatisfaction.

When these personalities learn to take care of themselves as well as to be grateful for what they have achieved in life, it becomes easier for them to develop serenity and live their creativity. For people with this life number, it is important to regularly take time to reflect on what they are grateful for in their lives and what they have already accomplished. During this reflection, they should ask themselves the following questions:

  • What people enrich my life?
  • What places are there that give me security and strength?
  • Which of my character traits do I value most?
  • For which successes of my past am I still grateful today and in a certain way proud?

It is very supportive when these people think about these questions and find honest answers. This gives them the opportunity to realize that there was something positive at every stage of their lives and that they have already achieved much of what they set out to do. In addition, this exercise offers them the opportunity to find more of themselves, because it lets them realize what growth potential and enormous manifestation capacity they have.

The 33/6 personalities take an enormous developmental step when they learn to pay more attention to themselves and their needs. Regular cultivation of the tender plant of contentment, serenity and gratitude, will bring about many everyday small miracles in their lives.

Life tasks of the life number 33/6

These people should learn:

  • To live their helping and teaching role with tolerance, acceptance and appreciation towards people.
  • To be true to themselves and to respect themselves.
  • To combine their analytical mind with their emotional intelligence in a balanced way.
  • To perceive and live the natural need for further development.
  • To develop yourself and to implement what you have learned.
  • To keep the responsibility for one’s own environment within limits, so that the people around can develop on their own.
  • To let go of the feeling of “not being good enough” and to develop a realistic self-assessment.
Recommendation for the self-development of the life number 33/6
  • Find ways to trust your own intuition.
  • Consciously perceive your own positive sides.
  • Review the relationship with parents in order to make peace with the events and happenings from childhood.
  • To move, to practice forms of dynamic meditation as well as Chi Gong, Tai-Chi.
  • Finding the courage to stand by oneself and initiate changes in one’s personal development.
  • Learning to talk about personal opinions and needs.
  • Letting go of the attempt to clarify and thus control one’s own feelings on a rational level.
  • Letting go of the feeling that others are to blame for the problematic circumstances of one’s own life, in order to be able to live independently.
  • Letting go of the internalized feeling of paralysis and inner tension. Physical exercise and conscious breathing exercises are especially helpful.

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