It’s happened to all of us. Just going about our days, minding our own business, when all of the sudden we find ourselves face to face with repeating numbers. It happens so often, it can’t simply be a coincidence.

You look at the clock, it’s 3:33. You go to the store and spend $55.55. The temperature on your drive home is 77.7. What’s going on?

Well, the universe is in fact trying to tell you something by showing you these angel numbers.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are the repeating numbers we see every day. While we have a general idea that these numbers have to mean something since they are so prevalent, we may not entirely know what’s going on. So what’s happening and what does it mean?

Each angel number has a different meaning, but the overall meaning of their existence is simply the universe’s way of saying it is listening and aware of your presence. Seeing angel numbers is a way for the universe to let you know it’s on your team and that things are going well.

Angel numbers are also the universe’s way of asking you to take a step back and consider your existence. Take note of what you were doing, how you were feeling, and how seeing your angel number changed your day.

By taking notice of these numbers and being mindful, you will increase your mindfulness and your vibrations simply by being present in the moment. The bonus comes from what each angel number represents and means, which we will get into shortly!

What Should You Do When You See An Angel Number?

Become more mindful of your surroundings and take a step back from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. Seeing an angel number means that there is something the universe wants you to notice or take notice of. This can be a new opportunity, or a moment to reflect on something positive that has happened to you recently.

Apart from being mindful, be thankful to the universe for taking a moment to communicate with you. In such a vast existence, you should always be thankful for the experiences you have and the days you live on earth. Ground yourself, and appreciate your life and new things to come.

How To Use Angel Numbers To Manifest

Seeing angel numbers represents alignment with the universe and your vibrational energy. Being highly aligned will result in seeing more numbers organically. In order to live your ideal life, you must be actively working on building your dream life. Building your dream life while being attuned to the energy of the universe allows your angel numbers to take full effect.

Angel numbers cannot be forced, and present themselves to you at decisive times. Take each number and its meaning as a reinforcement that you’re doing what you need to do in life to reach your goals.

When used correctly, they will reinforce your good habits and help steer you away from the bad ones. They are the universe’s reminder that you’re on the right track and help you determine what to focus on in your life. They are a sign of things to come and internalizing these numbers each time you see them leads to success and happiness when combined with your own efforts.

Manifesting With Angel Numbers – Meaning Of Each Number?

How to Use Numbers to Manifest

Apart from the general sign to pause, reflect, and be present in your daily life, angel numbers each have a unique meaning to consider as well. Take these general meanings and apply them to your everyday life and current goals. They can help reinforce your goals and can be used as a positivity springboard for the rest of your day.

Angel number 000

While 0 is typically a sign of nothingness, in this case, it is a great thing! Seeing 000 lets you know that you are open and ready to experience new things. You are at a place in your life where there is an opening that is ready to be filled with positive energy.

This is an exciting angel number as the possibilities are endless as to what may come your way. Continue working towards your goals with the knowledge that the universe is aligned with you and in tune with your desires.

This can also be a time to consider what you’ve lost recently that may be creating a void that the universe believes will be filled shortly. By taking the time out to consider its significance, you will make the most of your 000 sightings and allow yourself to become more open to new experiences and possibilities.

Angel number 111

The angel number 111 is a sign of new beginnings and exciting things that are coming your way. The universe is telling you to get ready and that things you have previously been manifesting will occur and come to fruition shortly. Use this sign to continue manifesting your goals, and to make preparation for those goals to become reality.

By focusing extra hard on manifesting your goals after seeing this number, you help send an extra signal out to the universe that you have seen its message and are present and on board. This leads to increased manifestation and quick changes in your life.

While the number 1 is a sign of new beginnings, the number 11, which is also contained within this angel number, is seen as the “Karmic Master number”. Number 11 brings enlightenment and illumination, creativity and motivation, and mystical experiences. All of these things are signs that your manifestation is working and that you will have help in achieving your goals and dreams.

Angel number 222

Angel number 222 is a sign that is meant to remind you to calm down, stop worrying, stop freaking out, and that everything is working as it is supposed to. The universe works in mysterious ways, and it’s letting you know that despite all of the chaos in life, things are going to work out just fine.

This number serves as a powerful reminder to all of us to take a moment out of our day, and be present in the moment. By stopping yourself from worrying and having intrusive, nagging thoughts during the day, you increase your vibration and declutter your mind. Both of these are key steps to achieving your goals and desires.

If you are in a situation where it is possible, you can also use this number as a sign to take a quick meditation break. Meditation is unrivaled in its ability to clear the mind and put yourself in the present moment. Combining meditation with your angel number 222 gives you extra oomph as you move into your meditative state.

Angel number 333

Angel number 333 is a sign that any and all divine powers are working with you and not against you. You can take comfort in the fact that higher powers are not working against you but instead aware of your presence and desires and are working to further those goals with you.

This number can be used as a boost to your spirituality and offers renewed faith in the powers that be. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and the stressors that we endure, it can sometimes be hard to keep faith that higher powers are there for you and helping to further your goals.

Even for those who are not as spiritually inclined, this number holds great meaning. If you do not believe in a higher power, you can be sure that 333 indicates you have a lot of positive energy around you. Use this information to put extra effort and push behind your manifesting goals. Knowing the universe and its energies are aligned with you is an incredible feeling, and should be used to your advantage.

Angel number 444

This number represents that angels are all around you. Positive energy and the will of the universe is on your side. Even if things are not going well at the moment, and you feel that you have a long hard fight ahead of you to get where you need to go, you can continue on knowing that you are being supported.

It means you are being heard, that your feelings and thoughts are being acknowledged, and that you are loved. The invisible forces that guide us through everyday life are with you and they know the struggles you are facing. Take this number as a sign that good things are coming, and that you are well-positioned to succeed in your future endeavors.

Angel number 555

The number 5 signifies change and movement. Seeing this angel number is a sure sign that you’re on your way to achieving a new goal or entering a new stage in your life. You may either be in a transitionary period in life, or about to enter one. Either way, the universe is telling you to get ready.

The changes you’ve been manifesting are starting to occur, and you should use any extra time available to prepare yourself for success. If you’ve been putting anything off for the last moment, now would be the time to act.

Angel number 666

Although this number is commonly, and incorrectly, associated with the devil, the good news is this is not true! This angel number is simply a sign that you are in a period of your life where you need to recalibrate.

Take a step back, consider what is not right with your life, and start working to make changes. Everyone is human, and humans constantly go through periods of struggle and misalignment. It’s not a bad thing, and when used correctly can be very positive!

While the universe is showing you that it is on your side and recognizes your struggles, it is also true that you need to start making any necessary changes for yourself. The universe can only guide you and assist you, but it is up to you to forge the path forward and start making the necessary changes to your life that will lead you to happiness.

Angel number 777

Lucky number 7! Luck is on your side and will be with you as you work on your manifestation. This is a sign that you have been doing things correctly, and that good things are soon to come your way. Number 7 is one of the most powerful indicators that you and the universe are aligned and that it will be there to guide you on your way to success.

Learn to live in the moment, as this moment is one of happiness and joy. Take time to reflect on the things you’ve been doing, and what specifically the universe may be referring to. Use this number as a way to reinforce your beliefs, or take it as a sign that you’ve been working hard and could use a moment to relax. Good things are happening or on their way.

Angel number 888

8 is the number of money. Seeing this angel number indicates that you will have increased financial success and are on your way to achieving your financial goals. Consider what you’ve been doing recently that would lead to such a sign presenting itself and use what has been working for you in the future.

If you are not as close to achieving your financial goals as you’d like to be, this can also be a sign that opportunities to make money will be presenting themselves to you soon. Be open to new experiences and opportunities and let the universe guide you towards your next financial windfall.

Angel number 999

Closure and finalization are two main concepts behind seeing this angel number. If you are seeing repeating 9s in your day to day life, it is a reminder that you have something in your life you need to finish or complete. The universe is gently pushing you towards focusing your efforts on a project or task that you are in the middle of or almost done with.

This angel number does not need to stress you out, as it does not mean that you have to complete everything you’re doing at the moment you see it. It can refer to one specific aspect of your life that you may not even notice has gone unfinished.

Take stock of your current goals and projects, and you should be able to figure out what specifically this number is referring to.

Be Mindful

As with all angel numbers, the most important thing is to be mindful of the situation you find yourself in. Take a step back, and use the meanings of each number as a general guideline to help steer your ship. Each number represents a positive sign from the universe, and when used to their full potential, can have a significant positive impact on your day to day life.


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