Sometimes, it’s a good idea to pause and consider what we’re grateful for. We can forget to do this when busy with our everyday jobs.

We all have a lot on our plates, which can sometimes cause us to overlook our awesome stuff. Picture taking a short break to write down or think about all these incredible things. It feels like finding patches of sunshine on a gloomy day, right?

Thinking about our blessings is similar to a practice in the Law of Attraction called positive affirmations. It means focusing on the positive, the good, and the lovely things in our world.

Doing this keeps all the amazing things in our lives fresh in our minds. Need some tips to get even better at it? I’ve made a helpful guide on positive phrases you can tell yourself daily, and it’s waiting for you!

“Thankfulness can change everyday moments into celebrations, make regular tasks a source of happiness, and turn simple opportunities into gifts.”
― William Arthur Ward

How Many Things Are You Thankful For?

  • The support and love of friends and family
  • Being in good health
  • Access to learning and education
  • Having enough to eat
  • The tunes of your most-loved song
  • The warmth of a steamy shower
  • The world at your fingertips thanks to the internet
  • Earning an income or being employed
  • The gift of imagination and dreams
  • The beauty of the sunrise and sunset
  • The ability to see
  • Shelter and security from your home
  • The joy of vacations and holidays
  • The companionship of pets and animals
  • Unexpected and delightful surprises
  • The warmth of a smile from a stranger
  • The mystical beauty of rainbows
  • A meal made with love at home
  • Receiving uplifting and positive news
  • The sweet taste of chocolate
  • The gift of a fresh start every new day
  • The right and privilege to vote
  • Advances and miracles in healthcare
  • The comfort of a warm cup of tea
  • The warmth and affection of cuddles

“Stay aware. Stay thankful. Stay optimistic. Stay sincere. Stay compassionate.”
― Roy T. Bennett

  • Being able to freeze moments in time with cameras
  • The refreshing experience of walking in the countryside
  • The bliss of pressing the snooze button on your alarm
  • The joy when you rediscover something you thought was gone
  • Exploring the globe and its diverse cultures
  • Cherished moments during date nights
  • Enjoying a favourite movie, series, or book
  • The excitement of claiming victory in a game
  • The freedom and joy found in dancing
  • The luxury of having fresh running water
  • Those instances of laughter that take over your whole body
  • The blessing of a life without pain
  • The tenderness of goodnight kisses
  • The wonder of your creative imagination
  • The anticipation of something exciting on the horizon
  • The rejuvenation provided by restful sleep
  • The enchantment of the natural world around us
  • The awakening aroma of coffee
  • The conveniences offered by technology
  • The illumination and energy supplied by electricity
  • The hope instilled by progress in cancer treatments
  • The fulfilment of setting and achieving personal milestones
  • The confidence inspired by a good hair day
  • The warmth and security of unconditional love
  • The delight in obtaining something at no cost or a discount.

“We should express our gratitude to those who bring joy into our lives; they are the delightful gardeners who nurture our souls to bloom.”
― Marcel Proust

  • The joy of a new day when you open your eyes.
  • The availability of medicines.
  • Quiet moments just for you.
  • The unexpected kindness from people you don’t know.
  • The uniqueness that is you is unparalleled in the world.
  • Growing through your missteps.
  • The joy of Saturdays and Sundays.
  • The happiness of receiving your paycheck.
  • The beauty of seasons as they transition.
  • The strides made in human rights.
  • The wonder of seeing a spectrum of colours.
  • The chance to build your family unit.
  • Supportive colleagues.
  • The charm of young dogs.
  • Celebrating everyone’s differences.
  • Cherished times like Christmas and Easter.
  • Welcoming folks living next door.
  • The unfiltered truth from a young one.
  • Crafting a shared future with a loved one.
  • Engaging in deep talks that stretch into dawn.
  • The grace of being forgiven.
  • The power of working together.
  • The help of automated spelling correction.
  • The thrill of a summer pool dive.
  • Discovering tunes that touch your soul.

“Develop the practice of expressing appreciation for each positive aspect that enters your life, and make a point to give thanks endlessly. Recognize that every experience and element has played a part in your growth and, hence, deserves a space in your expressions of gratitude.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Cozy attire
  • Your individuality
  • Your five senses
  • Encountering those who uplift you
  • Feeling a range of emotions
  • The capability to operate a vehicle
  • Connecting with loved ones globally through modern technology
  • Clean, fresh bedding
  • Enjoying a meal out or ordering takeout
  • Extended car journeys
  • Possessing a fervor or zeal
  • Modes of travel
  • Vintage photos
  • Reuniting with longtime friends
  • Days adorned with snow
  • A relaxing soak in the tub
  • The luxury of waking up without an alarm
  • Lazy Sunday mornings
  • Difficult days that heighten the value of good ones
  • The opportunity to assist others
  • Genuine acts of contrition
  • Individuals with a receptive mindset
  • Inner fortitude
  • The kindness extended by others
  • Respect for others

“I find joy in my life because of my thankfulness. I made a conscious decision to embrace gratitude. It is this sense of thankfulness that fuels my happiness.”
― Will Arnett

Additional Ways to Practice Gratitude Today

The relationship between feeling thankful and the manifestation process is profound, making gratitude practices a significant boost to your Law Of Attraction endeavours! As highlighted earlier, I’m a strong advocate for daily positive affirmations. However, the world of gratitude doesn’t end there – consider exploring gratitude journaling and adopting phrases that express appreciation.

Why not take a moment today to compile your inventory of things you’re grateful for? It’s an enriching exercise and becomes even more rewarding when shared with friends and family. If they’re active on social media, don’t hesitate to tag them below to pass along the inspiration!

AI vision on this topic!

Look what AI wrote on this topic
  1. Health – The gift of good health.
  2. Family – Unconditional love and support.
  3. Friends – Companionship and shared joy.
  4. Shelter – A safe place to live.
  5. Food – Nourishment and delicious meals.
  6. Water – Clean, accessible water.
  7. Sunshine – Warmth and energy from the sun.
  8. Nature – The beauty of the natural world.
  9. Laughter – Moments of joy and amusement.
  10. Music – The universal language that uplifts the soul.
  11. Books – Knowledge, adventure, and escape in written form.
  12. Education – Opportunities to learn and grow.
  13. Freedom – The ability to live freely.
  14. Job – Financial stability and purpose.
  15. Weekends – Time to relax and recharge.
  16. Internet – Connectivity and information.
  17. Electricity – Power to light up our lives.
  18. Transportation – The ability to travel.
  19. Memories – Cherished moments from the past.
  20. Love – The most powerful emotion.
  21. Technology – Gadgets that make life easier.
  22. Pets – Unconditional love and companionship.
  23. Art – Expression of creativity and beauty.
  24. Clothing – Protection and style.
  25. Community – A sense of belonging.
  26. Peace – Absence of conflict.
  27. Clean Air – Fresh air to breathe.
  28. Safety – Feeling secure in our environment.
  29. Holidays – Special days to celebrate.
  30. Sleep – Rest and rejuvenation.
  31. Kindness – Acts of goodwill from others.
  32. Seasons – The changing beauty of nature.
  33. Dreams – Aspirations and goals.
  34. Opportunities – Chances to advance.
  35. Creativity – The ability to create and innovate.
  36. Lifelong Learning – Continuous personal growth.
  37. Mindfulness – Being present in the moment.
  38. Strength – Physical and mental resilience.
  39. Hope – Optimism for the future.
  40. Travel – Exploring new places.
  41. Freedom of Speech – The right to express ourselves.
  42. Volunteers – People who give their time to help others.
  43. Modern Medicine – Advances in healthcare.
  44. Grandparents – Wisdom and stories from older generations.
  45. Children – Joy and innocence.
  46. Sunsets – Nature’s beautiful end to the day.
  47. Achievements – Accomplishments big and small.
  48. Support Systems – People who lift us up.
  49. Fresh Produce – Nutritious food from the earth.
  50. Mentors – Guidance and advice from experienced individuals.
  51. Humor – The ability to find joy in life.
  52. Warm Blankets – Comfort on cold nights.
  53. Sports – Physical activity and entertainment.
  54. Cleanliness – The ability to maintain hygiene.
  55. Science – Understanding the world around us.
  56. Imagination – The power to dream and invent.
  57. Hobbies – Activities that bring joy and relaxation.
  58. Traditions – Cultural and family rituals.
  59. Spirituality – Connection to a higher purpose.
  60. Gardens – Growing plants and flowers.
  61. Teachers – Educators who inspire and inform.
  62. Language – Communication and connection.
  63. Birthday Celebrations – Honoring another year of life.
  64. Acts of Generosity – Giving without expecting anything in return.
  65. Quiet Moments – Time to reflect and relax.
  66. Challenges – Opportunities to grow and learn.
  67. Wisdom – Knowledge gained from experience.
  68. Diversity – The beauty of different cultures and perspectives.
  69. Second Chances – Opportunities to try again.
  70. Innovation – New ideas and technologies.
  71. Nature Walks – Peaceful strolls in the great outdoors.
  72. Self-Care – Taking time to care for oneself.
  73. Public Libraries – Access to knowledge and resources.
  74. Unconditional Love – Love without conditions.
  75. Generosity – The act of giving.
  76. Forgiveness – Letting go of past hurts.
  77. Healthy Relationships – Positive connections with others.
  78. Festivals – Celebrations of culture and community.
  79. Adventures – Exciting experiences and journeys.
  80. Holiday Traditions – Customs that bring joy and togetherness.
  81. Good Neighbors – Friendly and helpful community members.
  82. Inner Peace – A state of calm and tranquility.
  83. Inspirational Quotes – Words that motivate and uplift.
  84. Courage – The ability to face challenges.
  85. Empathy – Understanding and sharing the feelings of others.
  86. Fresh Air – The simple pleasure of breathing clean air.
  87. Lifelong Friendships – Bonds that stand the test of time.
  88. New Experiences – Trying something new.
  89. Talents and Skills – Unique abilities and gifts.
  90. The Night Sky – Stars, moon, and the vast universe.
  91. Clean Water – Access to safe drinking water.
  92. Personal Growth – Continual self-improvement.
  93. Family Gatherings – Time spent with loved ones.
  94. Resilience – The ability to bounce back from adversity.
  95. Daily Comforts – Simple pleasures that make life enjoyable.
  96. Medical Care – Access to healthcare services.
  97. Life Lessons – Knowledge gained through experiences.
  98. Modern Conveniences – Tools and devices that simplify life.
  99. Beautiful Landscapes – Scenic views that take your breath away.
  100. Love in All Its Forms – The most powerful force in the universe.

Tania Gabrielle is an astrologer, numerologist, and psychic. She is the creator of Numerology Academy - the first online certification course in Astro-Numerology. The course has been taught to thousands of students across 37 countries.

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