To live a great and true love is one of the greatest desires of human beings. That’s why we are always looking for a relationship capable of fulfilling the need we feel. But we don’t always attract the right person for this, do we? Would you like to know how Numerology in Love can explain this?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Tarologist answers how Numerology in Love can help you understand this tendency of personalities that you attract into your life. Do you want more? Then check it out below:

Numerology in Love and the people you attract

It is not new that many people seek answers to their questions in the stars, in the colors, in the elements of nature, and why not, in the numbers too.

Numerology, considered by some as a study of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, by others as old as humanity itself, is one of the ways we use to unravel some important issues in the human way of life. After all, we arrived at this plane without an instruction manual, without a guidebook that will indicate which way or which choices we should follow.

The numbers would be like the indicators of the way of the stones, which step is safer to take than others, from them we can understand some of the workings of our personality, our characteristics, and mainly, what we end up making cyclical in our life.

A numerological map has three main numbers:

  • The Destiny number, which determines what moves us internally;
  • The Expression number, which determines how we treat the world around us;
  • The Impression number, which determines how we treat ourselves.
  • The other numbers will reveal what we have to take care of and balance in our journeys.

The question I want to discuss in this text is: “Can numerology explain the kind of person I attract?”

First of all it is very important to know that the function of any oracle or study is like a compass: The hands point the direction of polarities, but the compass itself does not really see what certain aspects, angles, changing inclinations the path may have. This depends a lot on how much one is willing to live, to learn from what one has lived, and to transform.

That said: numerology can identify which essential aspects exist in your personal trait. In what way your eyes primarily see certain aspects of life. This concerns the starting point of your desires, but not exactly what you want in the time of now.

Sometimes we come across experiences that bring us certain kinds of sensations, and like a child who tries a chocolate ice cream for the first time, his desire to drink a whole tub is much greater than to try other flavors.

Numerological research

A numerological study can show you that in fact, essentially you may want to consume certain kinds of sensations as fire, but it does not hold the basis of “wanting” that is developed by your experience with life, by your rational determinant, and by the values you decide to attach to your life.

Just as some people numerologically have traits linked to spiritual ancestry, sometimes they go years without feeling or taking responsibility for a spiritualized life, or having some religious belief in their life.

Numerology can be a personal guide not to get lost, but it will never interfere or order which path you should follow, it is not a sentence, as no other oracle is, and in love it would be no different.

Since the affective issue depends on two people, what is traced in a couple’s numerological chart are the affinities; which are the harmonic determinants between the couple and which are the challenging aspects for both to have an experience together.

In a study in which we do a mirroring, for example, we can identify our defects that when we don’t take care of them, they bother us and when we identify them in certain people, we have as a result the habit of repelling them.

This could possibly be a function of stabilization and balance of the universal harmony, which may or may not match your personal numerological chart.

It all depends on which seasonings of life you are in.

How do I find out my Impression Number?

Knowing your Impression Number makes it easier to understand if you need to help certain behaviors or traits to convey exactly the image you want of yourself.

To access your Impression Number, you need to do a Numerology Map, and this has to be done with a specialist. Only he will guide you through this knowledge in a much more beneficial way.

Take advantage of this hook and get to know the work of Sabrina Freitas, our numerologist, who helped us bring this incredible content to you. Together with her, you will be able to understand what people want from you and what you want to give them.

Meaning of each of the print numbers


When this is your number, it means that people see you with a leadership attitude and quite individualistic. However, they also think that you have original and brilliant ideas. The warning would be for your attitudes that can sound aggressive.


To people, you can appear as someone who is very diplomatic, who is careful in the way you act and even in the way you speak. People understand that you have a very sensitive and passive side, but they are irritated by your indecisiveness.


This is a number for people who are very curious, creative, and restless. Having the impression number 3, means that you appear to be a very nice person, who knows how to deal with everyone, and is always up for a good time. People may find you too distracted, and therefore not trust you at first.


To people, you will appear very serious and responsible. People tend to trust you quickly, because your reputation is very good. After all, you care a lot about what others will think.


If you are a Number 5 native, you will surely have heard people say that you are someone: free, different, and curious. The truth is that you are very open to getting to know others, and also to venturing out on trips and diverse interests. This is why you quickly charm the people around you.


Possessing 6 as the way people see you is great. A super sociable, fun-loving person who knows how to put up with any intrigue. People tend to like you a lot, but can get irritated by your need for harmony all the time.


People usually view natives of number 7 with a lot of mystery. This is because you probably don’t open up at first, and like to get to know people before you give yourself away. You show yourself to be a very intelligent person, and you don’t talk about just anything, but when you do, it is because you really know.


Powerful! This is the way people see you, and because of this you cause respect wherever you go. Some people may be afraid, others may be jealous. You have to be careful who you get involved with, after all your ambition can get you into complicated situations.


Anyone who has the last number in numerology is always going to bring evolved characteristics. That is why people will see you as very humanitarian, charismatic, and always willing to teach something for life.


Tania Gabrielle is an astrologer, numerologist, and psychic. She is the creator of Numerology Academy - the first online certification course in Astro-Numerology. The course has been taught to thousands of students across 37 countries.

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