Throughout life, you meet thousands of people. But there’s maybe a handful with whom you have a good connection. This could be friendship or romance. The most robust connections are reserved for even fewer. Someone with whom you share an intense bond is most likely your soulmate.

Who’s your soulmate?

Thanks to popular culture, soulmates are wrongly called lovers, partners, or spouses. Hollywood movies bear much of the blame for this misinterpretation. In reality, your soulmate need not be someone with whom you are romantically linked. But often, soulmates are due to the depth and intensity of the connection and the emotions involved.

Put simply, soulmates are mates of the soul. The laws of attraction have it that soulmates share energy, purpose, and a shared vision. It is often believed that soulmates find each other for a reason. This reason is to remind each other of life’s real purpose and to awaken their true selves. Soulmates assist one another in discovering who they really are.

Soulmate relationships

A connection with a soulmate can last a lifetime or be temporary. Since the bonding’s purpose is awakening your senses and finding yourself, the connection does not require it to last a lifetime. Soulmate relationships tend to be intense and passionate, making them difficult to last. Once the purpose has been realized, soulmates tend to drift apart.

While soulmates rarely stay together permanently, their love and connection stay intact while they are both still alive. The intense and profound connection that has been forged cannot be forgotten or ignored.

Telltale signs of a soulmate connection

Life is an endless procession of meeting people, connecting with them, and then gently drifting apart after spending time together. This parting of the ways applies to romantic relationships and friendships. Naturally, you are left wondering afterward if any of these connections were your soulmate.

However, a bond with a soulmate carries certain hallmarks to make it easy to identify. So, here are the telltale signs that let you know you’ve found your soulmate.

Irresistible attraction

One of the most vital signs you’ve finally met your soulmate is when you feel you’ve known each other for a lifetime but have only just met. You also feel an instant and irresistible attraction to that person.

The instant rapport you enjoy is beyond comprehension, regardless of whether you are romantically involved or not. It’s almost as if you knew one another in a previous life and are restarting that connection.

Sweeping changes

Soulmate connections are said to introduce sweeping changes to one’s life, which is felt to be the entire purpose of having a soulmate. It’s also said that meeting a soulmate can help one overcome obstacles that hamper one’s progress through life.

Not only do they help you define yourself, but a soulmate can also guide you along the right path without being meddlesome. The process of a soulmate bringing about positive life changes could be smoother. The relationship will be far from calm and uneventful. Indeed, the intensity of the soulmate relationship will bring to the surface many old fears and problems. Usually, this occurs as a means of releasing and clearing the air.

Skills and talents

A strong soulmate connection also tends to unearth hidden skills and talents that you most likely were not aware you possessed.

This discovery of skills and talent is another facet of the soulmate relationship. The outcomes are generally positive, but the relationship itself will be a bumpy road that eventually comes to an end.

Add in a romantic angle, which is often the case, and the passion and emotions involved may trigger an on-off relationship. This cycle of breakups and make-up makes it difficult for you both to move on permanently. Partings of the ways are prone to be short-lived, much like reconciliations.

It feels, too, like the pattern of connection and disconnection in soulmate relationships is in some way pre-determined. When you reflect on the fortunes of the relationship, it’s almost as if the Universe has played a hand in it all.

Call it fate, destiny, pure dumb luck, or any other name; it suggests that some higher authority had set up the relationship.

Burning brightly

At the start of the soulmate relationship, you feel an intense and vibrant connection to the person. However, this intensity will wane when the purpose of the relationship has been fulfilled. This dimming could be, as mentioned before, life issues being resolved or hidden talents uncovered. Over time, the brightness and passion in the relationship fade away. Ultimately, this can result in your parting company.

When you feel this intense and overwhelming connection with another person, it is suggestive that there’s a greater purpose lying behind your union. A purpose you don’t think of in your other relationships. It feels almost as if the Universe is bringing you together for a particular task. And this task feels like it is way beyond the capacities of the two individuals involved.

No judgment

Probably the best part of the soulmate relationship is the absence of judgment. You accept each other unconditionally. Freedom like this allows you to be yourself without fretting about the other person’s reaction. In many instances, the other’s presence has a calming effect and makes negative emotions vanish.

From the very beginning of your soulmate connection, you find that you are entirely in tune with one another. This is popularly called being on the same wavelength or page. It’s like you can telepathically sense the other person’s needs and preferences without them having to tell you. This telepathy is another hallmark of the soulmate relationship. Indeed, it lies at the very core of the soulmate connection.

These are the general signs that you have a soulmate connection. Ultimately, you have to trust your gut feeling and intuition to decide if someone is your soulmate. Listen to your heart, and you will hear the answer.

Be aware that ‘having a connection’ with someone is a well-worn cliche nowadays. These connections are mostly shallow and extend to no more than agreeing on a range of subjects.

When a connection goes to more significant and deeper levels and leaves lasting and profound impressions, the connection is between souls.


Tania Gabrielle is an astrologer, numerologist, and psychic. She is the creator of Numerology Academy - the first online certification course in Astro-Numerology. The course has been taught to thousands of students across 37 countries.

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