Numerology AppliedWhen you hear about numerology, it is possible that in your head the association between numbers and your life purpose and your destiny is automatically made.

Talking about life purpose, talents, phases of opportunities, and challenges is important, but many times they are notions that convey a sense of detachment and difficulty to see them in practice because, let’s be frank, the very idea of life purpose is an immense and quite complex subject.

I’m sure that if you’re interested in numerology, you must have already read about the definition of your life path and, although you may have identified yourself, you must have continued with the feeling of “ok, but how do I get there?

Although numerology is in fact an incredible tool of self-knowledge, which has the ability to give you quite specific guidance on your life path, there is another side to the applicability of numerology that most people are unaware of and which makes the distinction between those who “know numerology” and those who “live numerology”.

This side of numerology is not so much about giving you a vision of the future that you can live, but the future that you can create at every moment in the present, through conscious choices and decisions that are based on the tools you have at your disposal at the moment.

In a simpler and more direct way, if the vision of common numerology tells you about the possibilities of the future (what can I be and live?), this side of numerology that I want to pass on to you is concerned with acting in the here and now (what is it to do?).

But, you ask, how does it work and how can Daily Numerology improve your life?

A great part of the daily conflicts that we live with is related to three big problems, and the disconnection that exists between three axes of our daily life.

These 3 axes have to do with your state and mental, emotional, and physical energy, the connection to what surrounds you and the influence you have on your stability or lack of it, and also your ability to make decisions that daily ensure that you feel in control of your life and flow with your desires, plans, and aspirations.

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But let’s understand better these 3 axes and how Daily Numerology gives you the answer to your imbalances:

1. The “I” at the moment, that is, your mood. We do not wake up every day with the same mood. We are not machines and for days we wake up and feel super motivated to start our day, while there are others that we seem to have woken up with our feet out of bed. This mood or mood is not random and is part of your daily personal and inner vibration which, if not contradicted, helps you to align your mental, emotional and physical energy with the opportunities of that day.

It happens, however, that when you don’t know how to discover or interpret that inner vibration, you will tend to force yourself out of bed, and out of the house, and follow your day as if it were the same as all the others. Basically, you are not respecting your mental, emotional, and physical energy of that day.

Result? The frustration that builds up as the day progresses, lack of ability to focus and concentrate, lack of creative energy, physical fatigue and… a wasted day! By using Quotidian Numerology you can decipher your vibrational state of each moment and see it as an opportunity to have a productive day (and not a bad mood day!)

2.The outside at the moment. For days it seems that everything happens the other way around, right? Even the people you share the day with seem to be turned upside down and wake up to make life difficult for you. But…is it really like that? Often our days are stressful because we can’t see beyond the obvious and understand why the kids threw a tantrum in the morning and delayed everything, why that meeting took a different course, why you had an unforeseen event that changed all your plans for the day.

Daily Numerology gives you the ability to decipher the energy of these events so that you know why you adjusted your posture to them in the right way. In addition, a precious technique of Daily Numerology is to give you the ability to learn to “read” other people and understand their behavior, which softens relational frictions and makes your relationships flow on a basis of understanding and daily communion.

3.Decision making. This last point speaks of the security in making a set of daily decisions that define the course of your days, and your life.

Maybe you’ve already found yourself deciding to take care of certain pending tasks at work to realize that they’ve cost you horrors to do, while on other days they flow so well. And yes, there are days when creative activities flow better, just as there are days when logical and rational activities flow better.

This means that decision making goes from simply planning your days to living them effortlessly (at work, but not only), to make decisions that are related to your personal projects – in the short or medium term.

Is it time to have a that serious conversation with your family? Is it time to ask to suggest a promotion at work? Is it time to start looking for a home?

Daily Numerology gives you that answer!

Now that you have an idea of the power of Daily Numerology, leave it in your comments as to which axis you feel is most unbalanced in your life and which daily challenges you would like Daily Numerology to solve.


Tania Gabrielle is an astrologer, numerologist, and psychic. She is the creator of Numerology Academy - the first online certification course in Astro-Numerology. The course has been taught to thousands of students across 37 countries.

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