If you suffer from anxiety and would like to know how you can stop it and take control of your life, then this review is for you. We are going to take a look at the Light Code program. Specifically, we’re going to look at what the program is, how it works, and what you get with the program to find out if it is right for you.

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What is The Light Code?

The Light Code is a program that uses custom brainwave audios frequencies to heal your body and manifest anything you want in your life. It was created by manifestation expert John Bass to help you change your life for the better. Whether you want more money or better health, this program will help you to achieve it.

Life is a reflection of your inner world, so what you experience in your life now is a result of what is going on within. With this program, you will change your inner world, which would lead to a change in your outer world. Doing this gives you the life you want with ease.

How It Works?

The program consists of audio recordings that help alter your inner energy levels to put you on the correct frequency of your desires. Each audio is around 12 minutes, and you simply listen to the audios and follow the instructions. For most people, it’s straightforward to get started with the program. Once you make your purchase, you download the audios and listen to them.

What’s Included?

Inside the Light Code program, you will gain access to over 28 audios with different frequencies. Each audio is about a 12-minute commitment per day. Along with those audios, you get some other bonuses to help you.

Bonus 1: The Emerald Code Audio Audio

This audio helps to build up your energy to enhance manifestation.

Bonus 2: The Unicorn in the Secret Garden Audio

These are some more free audio files that come with the main program.

Bonus 3: The Blank Slate Audio

In moments when you need to correct your energy in an emergency.

Bonus 4: The Library of Emotions Audio

These are five more audios that explore emotions.

Bonus 5: The Unconditional Love Audio

Love is one of the most potent forces in the universe and helps with your manifestations’ speed.

Bonus 6: The Harp of Relaxation Audio

This audio helps with the stressful times in your life by allowing you to relax.

Customer Reviews

Many of the people who have tried the program have reported many positive results with it. It’s also simple to use, which is why so many people love to use it. With a commitment of about 12 minutes per day, a person can begin to experience a profound change in their lives. Many people report deep changes within which lead to the improvement of their lives.

Benefits of The Light Code

Some of the benefits that come from using this program include:

  • Change your negative mindset into a positive one and unleash the power within to shape your life the way you want it to be.
  • Everything is in a digital audio format, which makes gaining access simple after you buy the program.
  • You don’t need to have any special skills to begin this program.
  • Getting rid of negative emotions and making them positive leads to more inner peace and lower stress levels in your life.
  • Using this program gives you the ability to bring more positive people into your life and let go of all the negative toxic ones.
  • Each audio is only around 12 minutes per day, so the program doesn’t take a considerable time investment.
  • You will learn how to meditate if you’ve never done it before and experience deep inner quietness.
  • You will unlock your subconscious mind’s hidden power, which helps to bring what you want into your life faster and easier.
  • You can change your vibrational frequency to match your desire and have it come into your life faster.
  • You get access to over 28 audios plus six bonus audios, which all help bring about a massive change in your life.
Drawbacks of The Light Code

The product comes in a digital form, and there’s no physical disc or anything to use. For some people, this might not be a problem, but some might think differently. Also, some people who begin using the program are a bit confused in the beginning, especially if it’s their first time changing their beliefs. You must understand as well that each person’s experience with the program is different, so you may not have the same results that another person has using the program.


You can get the Light Code program for just $37, which is great when you realize that you get the main program plus the bonuses for this price. Also, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee included with the program.

Who Should Buy The Light Code?

Anyone who would like to have more peace and happiness in their lives. Everyone wants to live their happiest and best lives, and this is the program that will help you achieve this. If you are tired of living with anxiety and stress, the Light Code program may be right for you.


The Light Code program teaches you how to build a robust manifesting mindset. You will learn how to bring peace and unconditional love in your life, making getting what you want easier.

It can be a little confusing for many people in the beginning, mostly if they’ve never done this type of work before. You should not worry too much, though. All you need to do is follow the instructions that come with the program. You will learn how to connect with the deep peace within yourself and open up a work of infinite resources.

The Light Code Program helps clear out negative blocks in your life and rebuild a new positive mindset, making what you want to come easier to your life.

Click Here To Order the Light Code Program From The Official Website


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