The Savant Activation Code is a manifestation programme developed by James Dundy and Darold Treffert. This program Includes a set of musical tracks at a hypnotic frequency to undo the mental blockages that inhibits your mind to manifest dreams. This programme has received special mentions by BBC, NCBI and other noticeable platforms.

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Here is a detailed Savant Activation Code review to help you find out whether it is legit or just a scam.

What Is the Savant Activation Code?

The Savant Activation Code was created as a treatment for people with brain injuries but it has also proved effective for resetting the human mind and its power of intuition. This is a manifestation programme that includes soundtracks that unlock the magnetic power of right side of the human brain and turn your thoughts into reality.

Special Power of The Savant Activation Code

The right side of the human brain is believed to hold a secret switch that can undo a brain injury and strengthen your brain for effective manifestation, affirmations, visualization and meditation. Thus, Savant Activation Code unlocks the hidden potential of the mind and its ability to communicate with the universe.

The Creation of Savant Activation Code

The Savant Activation code is designed and created by James Dundy with the help of a doctor named Darold Treffert. Prior to the creation of this programme, James was suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) caused by a serious accident. The injury affected the left side of his brain, resulting in brain fogginess, temporary hearing and occasional headaches.

Dr Darold Treffert gave Dundy recordings of the Tibetan monks’ audio tracks called the manifestation frequencies. James witnessed a tremendous change in his life after listening to these audio tracks. After experiencing the effectiveness of the audio tracks, James developed the Savant Activation code programme to help people with brain injuries.

How Does the Savant Activation Code Work?

Savant Activation Code reviewsThe creator James Dundy claims that these audio tracks were made by the Tibetan monks around 40,000 years ago. The special frequency of these tracks activates and awakens your mind to connect with the universe. The manifestation frequency of these Savant activation Code programme tracks removes negativity and mental blockages. All the obstacles will slowly fade away, creating an intuitive pathway for positivity and abundance of wealth, health and success that you desire in your life.

The Savant Activation Code Modules

According to the website the entire programme is designed to turn your mind into a magnet that attracts abundance in life. The programme is divided into three parts based on neuroscience. You have to listen to savant activation code module tracks for 7 minutes a day to unlock the secret switch in your brain. Here are the three modules of this program:

Module 1 (The Savant Activator)
This part contains audio tracks that help remove blockage in your mind and induce positive energy. It will also help you set your clear intentions to achieve your desires. By realigning your magnetic energy, it will tap into your subconscious mind and attract highest levels abundance and success.

Module 2 (Savant Orbit Transformation)
This module contains tracks to help your mind reach its full potential. This module boosts your mind and connects it with the universe. This special connection, once established, will make it easier for you to fulfil your dreams and achieve your desires.

Module 3 (The Savant Handbook on Destiny, Purpose and Future)
This module provides information about manifestation, how it works and how to practice it. The handbook gives you step-by-step guidance about the power of manifestation, affirmations and visualization.

Is The Savant Activation Code Effective?

This programme resets your thought pattern tricks you into adopting a new mindset. All are actions are driven by our mind so when we improve the way we think, we improve the way we behave. So, yes, Savant Activation Code does work. Actually, it uses the law of attraction to help you get what you desire. It activates your subconscious mind and drives you to improve your actions, eventually resulting in improved and better circumstances and new opportunities that help you achieve your goals.

Benefits Of the Savant Activation Code

  • It helps to improve the creativity of the human mind by activating the right side of the brain
  • Improves side-effects of brain injuries
  • Removes pain and discomfort caused by traumatic brain injuries
  • It encourages spiritual well being
  • Improves mental and physical wellbeing
  • It turns the brain into an abundance magnet
  • It improves the intentional creation in users
  • It increases positivity and removes negative thoughts from our minds
  • It helps in achieving prosperity and success
Is The Savant Activation Code Legit?

The Savant Activation Code can, in fact, rewire your brain and help you attract abundance in your life by improving your mindset. The manifestation frequencies are believed to activate the right-side brain which consequently increases brain power.

Customer Reviews

Many notable individuals like Jason Padget, Daniel Tammet and Derek Amota, have shared their positive experiences regarding Savant Activation Code programme. There are many other references that validate the power of activating the right side of the brain and its relationship with universal energy. The reviews given by genuine customers are also proof of the legitimacy of this programme.

Cost of The Savant Activation Code Program

This program is not free. You have to purchase the programme from the official Savant Activation Code website for $37. You will receive three bonuses with your purchase. Plus, the program also comes with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.


Although there are many manifestation programmes available in the market, people are still not aware of how manifestation and mindset can actually improve your life. This programme has been designed keeping exactly that in mind. Its creators have succeeded in explaining how these tracks uses manifestation frequencies to tap into your subconscious mind to help you reach your full potential. It is clearly visible from the customer testimonials that Savant activation code programme has helped many people improve their life and achieve their goals.

Click Here To Order the Savant Activation Code From The Official Website


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