Some people are on a never-ending quest for the fountain of youth. Others want to win the lottery. And then there are women (and a handful of men) who want nothing more than to find a rich partner to marry. What a lot of these people realize is that very few people will ever achieve these dreams.

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According to the Ancient Alchemists less than 15% will ever hold the key to the 7 Magic Experiments. Intuit and Spiritual Guide Jackie Jones has been studying ancient rituals for years. And – finally – he is willing to sell these secrets to the rest of the world.

What Jones has done is decide to share some of the more practical secrets – secrets that will help us achieve real world dreams. She shares meditative thoughts that will help you ace a job interview. She also offers mantra that you can repeat when you’re competing with other people for regular things like a taxi cab or a placement in school.

What is Seven Magic Experiments Review

Seven Magic Experiments is a program put together by a woman name Jackie Jones. She spent year following the Kabbalah and its sub-sects to see if thy really could help bring her serenity and peace. She quickly realized that the more learned, the more she felt compelled to learn.

After her long journey, she came up with what she is calling her 7 Magic Experiments. She shares many of her secrets in her program and provides her members with daily exercise to help create a happy, serene and peaceful existence.

How it Works and Information Provided

Jones’ 7 Magic Experiments is made up of texts and beliefs that originate hundreds of years ago from the Kabbalah religion. It also includes daily and weekly affirmations that help people rid negativity from their lives and open to door to peace, love and prosperity.

There are no supplements or drinks that are required by her 7 Magic Experiments, and it doesn’t come with any magic potions so to speak. All that is required is an open mind and the desire to be happy and successful. If you can provide those two ingredients, you’ll be set to go.

The approach appears to be – if you manifest it, it will come. That sounds beautiful. But you are not going to become a billionaire by manifesting it on a vision board. It takes money, luck, connections, hard work, and knowing the right person.

What is Included?

The 7 Magic Experiment included materials such as books, pamphlets and videos. There were different sets of materials for each of t 7 experiments. For example, there is an entire section on decision making. There are videos of each of the 7 Magic Experiments.

At this point, you must be wondering what these 7 Magic Experiments are, right? Well, it is time to take a look at them, shall we?

  • Mentality
  • Correspondence
  • Vibration
  • Polarity
  • Gender
  • Rhythm
  • Cause and Effect

One of the concerns with these 7 magic experiments is that they are just simplistic versions of the experiments that Jones talked about in her program. To go into them in detail her would take hours. Even when you do read them, they simply seem to be Jones’ interpretations of what the ancient hermetic would have thought. There is no translation to the current world/ And when they are related to the current world, they are so vague they seem to read like tarot car readings.


The benefits of Jackie Jones’ 7 Magic Experiments Program are almost limitless. This is an unbiased opinion as well. How could there be anything wrong with wanting people to feel better about themselves? Aside from that, there are specific benefits to the 7 Magic Experiments Program including:

  • Daily Affirmations
  • Interesting historical facts about Kabballah
  • Tips on how to improve your communication skills
  • Tips on how to get the job you want, the love you want and the money you want

All these things are more are available thru Jones’ program. Anybody who is not happy with their live can benefit from the program. Even people who consider themselves rather successful can benefit from the program. It can’t hurt. And it comes with a money back guarantee shot so what do you have to lose?


It’s difficult to speak of many drawbacks to Jackie Jones’s 7 Magic Experiments Program. However, as with any product, there are certain drawbacks. One concern is that the program is written as if Jackie Jones herself a heretic. Clearly, that makes it difficult to read to book without feeling a sense of bias.

Another issue is that you don’t get anything tangible as a result. It is almost like calling a psychic. If you try hard enough, you can make reading fit your life somehow. Jones’ 7 Magic Experiments gives you that sort of feeling. If this turns you off, you probably won’t get through the first twenty pages.

Another major drawback is that there is so many materials. It is confusing to tell tell which book goes with pamphlet and with each video. It looks like it would take a god hurt to sort them out and ten decide on which one you want to look at on a parclar day.


Sometimes, it is really hard to get a fixed price for a program like this. The website states that membership to the 7 Magic Experiments Program is just $47, a 90% discount from the regular price of $470. There is a chapter dedicated in her book about how to search for a windfall or lottery win.

The way Jones puts it, it’s okay if you can’t afford the $47, take the money out of your monthly bills knowing that you’re guaranteed to find surprise riches before the bill becomes due. This is suspect to this reviewer and should be to the reader as well.

Who Should Buy 7 Magic Experiments?

There are still hopeless romantics out there, spending all their free time on sites like “Plenty of Fish” looking for love. There are also people who truly believe the Nigerian princess will reimburse them thousands (or millions) of dollars if they can just help them get their money into US currency.

I would not say that Jackie Jones 7 Magic Experiments would be light reading people for people like this. However, the type of person who thinks any program will find them love, money and the love of their dream in just 21 days is not all that far off.

It would not be fair to say that nobody with that their wits about them would enjoy the book and program. It could be found to be interesting to some people who are curious.
Anybody who reads the book and checks out the program will likely get something out of it.


Jackie Jones’ 7 Magic Experiments is an interesting program with some even more interesting ideas. It is not for your average man or woman. It would surely seem to help people who are depressed or just someone looking for a different type of life. As long as people are careful enough getting hurt the end. Sadly

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