Have you ever thought about how to attract miracles into your life using only the Laws of Attraction?

People often use the word ‘miracle’ to describe events and occurrences that are almost impossible. But is that an accurate description? Is it not the case that what is regarded as a miracle by some people is nothing out of the ordinary for others? Like, getting a top job in the company may be viewed as a miracle by a fresh young recruit, but not by someone higher up the seniority ladder.

What constitutes a miracle?

The official dictionary definition of a miracle is an extraordinary but welcome event that cannot be explained by natural and scientific laws. It is usually credited to divine intervention.

In other words, a miracle can be a desirable event that is viewed as being uncommon. As these occurrences cannot be connected to the known laws of science or nature, they are often regarded as being divine. But if miracles are associated with the sacred, it follows that many people will view them as out of the ordinary and rare.

But do you know you have the power to attract miracles? Are you aware that every thought you have creates an energy flow in and around you?

The law of attraction says that these energy emissions attract similar energy. In turn, this energy becomes experiences. The positive events and miracles in your life directly result from you having positive thoughts and radiating positive energy.

6 Sure Ways To Get A Miracle With The Law of Attraction

Every day, we reveal miracles. However, we don’t often notice them. All it takes is to look carefully with an open mind to see how fantastic and wonderful these are in reality. Manifesting miracles is not tricky. All that’s required is a positive outlook and self-confidence.

The law of attraction is an outlook on life rooted in mind over body and likes attracting each other. The law is underpinned by the belief that the mind is all-powerful. The theory goes that if you set your heart on something, the mind can help you achieve your goal. The body is merely regarded as a home in which the mind can dwell.

Furthermore, the law of attraction says a positive mindset helps attract good things to your life. Positive attracts positive, while negative thoughts attract more negativity. To have an abundance of good fortune, you need to keep a positive outlook. Having a negative perspective will always invite misfortune into your life.

If you follow these six steps, you can acquire miracles for a better life. The techniques we describe are all tried and tested, but they will only work if your heart is sincere and genuine. The instructions we offer need to be followed carefully and faithfully to assist you in identifying and manifesting miracles in your life.

Step 1 – Banish skeptical demons

As you get ready to set out on your manifestation quest, you must rid yourself first of any doubting thoughts at the back of your mind. Remove fears and doubts or anything that will only serve to limit your beliefs. If you don’t tackle these skeptical demons, they can throw up obstacles in your path or even wholly derail your journey.

However, it is only natural to have some fears and doubts when taking a new path. Rather than ignore or suppress your fears and doubts, the best way is to confront them head-on. They are, after all, merely your imagination running wild about the future with no basis in fact.

Limiting beliefs is a different ball game. But they are equally likely to throw hurdles in your way to miracles. Most of the beliefs we hold have been collected since childhood with little examination of their integrity and relevance.

Some of these beliefs can prove to be life-damaging. They can make you think you are not worthy of good things in your life. Or that you can’t attract miracles. Therefore, you need to assess your beliefs and ditch those that stop you from achieving your goal.

Step 2 – One at a time

When you discover the law of attraction can make dreams come true, you have a long line of wishes to fulfill. But that is precisely what you have – a queue. You can only obtain some of your wishes in a single go or neatly arrange them in batches. Obtaining miracles just doesn’t work like that.

When you attempt to fulfill a wish, your entire energy and focus must be on your objective. If you have multiple objectives, your concentration will be divided. It is unlikely that you will be able to achieve them all with the same energy. The best way is to do one at a time.

Make a wish list. You can always add to it as you go along.

Step 3 – Declutter

Before starting your miracle attraction process, ensure you have a clear vision of your goal. It would be useful if you asked yourself questions such as:

  • Is this really what I desire?
  • Will it make me happy?
  • Will it improve my life?

Once you have clarified the goal, the next move is to fill in some of the details. Having a clear vision is essential when trying to realize your goal. If your dream outcome is too vague and lacks clarity, you could manifest miracles you don’t want.

Draw up a wish list, but jot down all the things related to your goal. Don’t be hesitant or coy about what you want. Don’t judge yourself too harshly by thinking you are greedy or overambitious. So long as you are sure your goal will make life better, go ahead and start your miracle-attracting journey.

Step 4 – Give The Universe Your Trust

Affording the Universe your unwavering belief in its power will play a pivotal role in realizing your dreams. It is human nature to cast doubt and caution upon unknown matters. And to be impatient.

However, you must develop ways to overcome these tendencies and give your mind over entirely to the Universe. Only by having not even the merest of doubts can manifestation be successful.

When there is a hold-up in fulfilling your dreams, often this will be a challenge for you. Delays may even make you question the truth and effectiveness of the law of attraction in attracting miracles. To some people, trust can be challenging. It’s a hard-won trait. To honestly believe in anything takes a lot of time and effort.

Suppose you are faced with the dilemma of believing or not. In that case, it is best to give yourself a quick reminder that the Universe has mysterious ways of working. The Universe knows when the time is ripe for us to achieve our dreams. Be confident that your miracle will happen when the time is right, and you’re ready.

Step 5 – Visualize your goal

As with athletes, it is beneficial to visualize your goal in manifestation. Imagine your life in the future when your goal has been realized. It will make you confident that that future is a happy place. Visualization will fill your mind with positivity. As the Universe is generally opposed to tinkering with the status quo, it will also help in bringing about your goal.

In addition, visualization will assist you in deciding what you want. Your desires always make more sense when your imagination can provide an inkling of what they will be like and how they will feel, look, smell, or taste. Creative visualization techniques harness the power of your subconscious mind to help you better understand your desires.

Using visualization correctly every day helps keep your thoughts on track and you in a positive frame of mind. Even if your mind does stray toward negativity, you can reverse this by ramping up your visualization. Doing so has a direct influence on increasing your vibrations to the same as your desire. A vibrational match is required to manifest miracles.

Several visualization methods are available. One technique is to use your imagination to picture your future self, joyously celebrating when you have finally achieved your goal. You can use all your senses to enhance the visualization further and get more mileage out of it.

Another visualization technique is the dream board. Place images relating to your goal on this board.

Step 6 – Control your thoughts

Another enigma is the inner workings of the mind. Your thoughts are a snapshot of your mind. Law of attraction manifestations will only be successful if you can control your mind. This entails getting a good grip on your thoughts.

As stated earlier, the law of attraction is anchored in the principle of attracting like. This principle means that positive thoughts are magnetic, attracting good things to our lives. Likewise, negativity draws more negativity.

To achieve your goals in life, it is essential to train your mind to remain positive all the time. It’s best to stay on high alert for rogue negative thoughts. If you are not vigilant, a negative thought can only lead to bad things. It is then too easy to get into a vicious circle of negative thoughts and negativity, and it will be difficult to escape.

Keep your eye on the manifestation prize. Techniques like the ones we have shown you will help, but you need to focus on thinking positively and feeling good. These are the key ingredients in successfully manifesting a miracle. By keeping your energy levels high, good things will be automatically attracted to you.

When you have mastered remaining happy irrespective of circumstances, you will materialize your goals without much effort.

Happiness is real, for sure, and the one true miracle in our lives.


Tania Gabrielle is an astrologer, numerologist, and psychic. She is the creator of Numerology Academy - the first online certification course in Astro-Numerology. The course has been taught to thousands of students across 37 countries.

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