If you know me a little, you will know that I learned numerology at a critical moment in my life. It helped me relieve the intense emotions I was experiencing and understand more why things happen at some point in our lives.

You will also understand how it complements us in our lives.

I was doing other holistic therapies at the time when I was given a basic study, where I could discover my karma number, inner and outer personality, mission in life, and Dharma number.

All of this may sound Chinese but I assure you from my experience that it is not.

When you start to delve deeper into this fantastic world of numbers, you realize that it never ends; it comes with you and goes with you.

Numbers will always follow us on our journey as souls.

So much so that I decided to form myself, and there, I discovered many more things that my soul did not understand in those challenging moments.

Maybe more than one of you will ask yourself what numerology has to do with travel. As I pointed out in my numerology section, it has to do with everything: with the universe, with your universe, with life, with yours, with mine, with everyone.

Numerology is impregnated in us without knowing it and knowing it helps us to take giant steps in our lives and personalities.

Little by little, I entered Pythagorean Numerology, based on Pythagoras’s mathematical foundations. This system exposes future tendencies based on the vibration produced by numbers in people and situations.

Classic Pythagorean Numerology is far less complex than other numerological systems and is the most accepted. It is also associated with the Hebrew Kabbalah. There are basically two types: the one with Pythagorean roots and the one with Hebraic roots known as Gematria.

It is the most accurate form of prediction existing today.

Pythagoras learned the mathematical knowledge of the Hindus, and it was then that he made the relation of the numbers with the sacred and with the divine.

For Pythagoras, numbers were a mystical phenomenon; he felt that they had their own life and that they were responsible for the Divine Harmony. He was misunderstood in his time and initiated into the “Magic Arts.”

Pythagoras’ followers considered him a “Daimon.” The equivalent between men and divinity. Even today, he is known as “the father of Numerology.”

Pythagoras saw numbers in all things. He questioned the Cosmos and established a way of life.

Numerology is the ability and science of understanding through numbers the spiritual meaning and orderly progress of any expression of vibration.

Every word and name has a number of vibrations, and every number has an inner meaning.

The 9 numbers

The general numerology table goes from 1 to 9, and each number has its unique cosmic vibration, representing the universal principle that everything evolves in a continuous spiral.

The vibrations have their positive and negative part.

Through a good study of the meaning of the numbers, we will be able to understand the progression of the cycles of life.

The numerology shows and proves the qualities of the individual, the defects, concerns, feelings, and experiences that will be determined by the numbers that appear in the numerological table.

It is by these numbers and the number of combinations that we have that it is deepened more in the life and personality of the subject, feeling identified and being recognized in it.

With the complete date of birth, name, and surname as it appears in the birth registry, we will be able to make an excellent numerological study to orient the interested person, giving them some guidelines and advice to be able to direct their life along the path of material and spiritual success.

When we add up the digits, we will obtain different personalities under the numbers 1 to 9, each with its number.

There are also the master numbers, which are energies a little higher than the basic numbers from 1 to 9. Let’s say that we could call them “special numbers.” These are: 11, 22, 33, 44.

In a study, we will also see “the vibratory planes.” These indicate how we can arrive at a major performance in each one’s life.

There are 4 planes of consciousness or expression, each of which enables a person to manifest outstanding personality traits, particularities, and skills.

These planes are Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Intuitive.

The number zero and the divine vibration

He is credited with being the pioneer or beginner of the nine digits. It is the representation of perfection by having a circular form, the symbol of the eternal, which means all or nothing.

The odd numbers are masculine (yang/active), and the even numbers are feminine (yin/passive).

“With numbers, you can demonstrate anything” – Thomas Carlyle

As you can see, a numerological study is more complex than you think. Here, I have left a base of what may result from a study, but there is much more.

These studies help us understand much of our lives and even know what path to take in some areas where we have to make decisions and few doubts arise.

It helped me to channel my life and align it as I wanted and needed to keep walking.

And you, how are you doing?

If you think that studying numerology can help you on your way, I can support you with a basic or advanced study, as you determine. Surely, you will not regret it!

Besides, we can always talk about it to dispel any doubts you may have. Leave me a message here if you like; I’ll be happy to read it to you.

“Numerology is the ability and science of understanding spiritual meaning through numbers.”

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Numerology, the ancient study of numbers and their mystical significance, offers profound insights into our lives. By analyzing the numbers associated with our names and birthdates, numerology provides guidance on our personality traits, life purpose, and potential challenges, helping us navigate our paths more consciously.

Understanding Life Path Numbers

The cornerstone of numerology is the Life Path Number, derived from your birthdate. This number reveals your core personality and life purpose. For example, a Life Path Number 1 symbolizes leadership and independence, suggesting a natural inclination towards initiating projects and taking charge. On the other hand, a Life Path Number 2 represents harmony and cooperation, indicating a person who thrives in supportive roles and values relationships deeply.

By understanding your Life Path Number, you can align your actions with your inherent strengths and life purpose, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Personal Year Cycles

Numerology also introduces the concept of Personal Year Cycles, which helps you understand the energies influencing each year of your life. These cycles, which follow a nine-year pattern, provide insights into what to expect and how to prepare for different phases of your journey.

For instance, a Personal Year 1 is a time of new beginnings, ideal for starting new ventures or making significant changes. Conversely, a Personal Year 9 signifies completion and reflection, making it a perfect time to let go of what no longer serves you and prepare for new opportunities.

Relationship Compatibility

Numerology can enhance your understanding of relationship dynamics through compatibility analysis. By comparing the Life Path Numbers of two individuals, you can gain insights into their compatibility and potential challenges. This understanding can foster better communication and empathy, allowing relationships to thrive despite differences.

For example, a person with a Life Path Number 3, characterized by creativity and sociability, might complement a partner with a Life Path Number 5, known for their adventurous and dynamic nature. Understanding these traits can help partners appreciate each other’s strengths and work through conflicts more effectively.

Personal Growth and Decision Making

Numerology also aids in personal growth and decision-making. By understanding your core numbers, such as the Destiny Number and Soul Urge Number, you can make informed choices that align with your true self. These numbers reveal your deepest desires and aspirations, guiding you towards fulfilling your potential.

In conclusion, numerology serves as a valuable tool for self-awareness and personal development. By uncovering the hidden meanings of numbers in our lives, we can navigate our paths with greater clarity and purpose, leading to a more harmonious and fulfilling existence.


Tania Gabrielle is an astrologer, numerologist, and psychic. She is the creator of Numerology Academy - the first online certification course in Astro-Numerology. The course has been taught to thousands of students across 37 countries.

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