Find out which hidden talents and which unrealized potential lies dormant in you. Calculate your talent number and look at your personality from a new perspective.

Calculate your talent number

The number is calculated by forming the sum of the month and year of your birth date.

For example, if you were born on 09.07.1976, you should calculate the cross sum of the single digits of the birth month and birth year and then reduce the result to a single-digit number by addition.

Month of birth + Year of birth
7 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 6 = 30 = 3 + 0 = 3

Talent number 1 – Ambition and determination

People with this talent number are very ambitious and can make the most of their own talents. You have deep confidence in your qualities, you have a positive attitude and you are not impressed by defeats. In the execution of your plans, you are usually faster than the others and thus gain an edge.

Your main talent is your willingness to take responsibility. You are also a very good leader. You are excellent at responding to and coordinating the individual members of your team. You like to work on your own, so your great strength lies in going it alone. Your self-confidence and trust in your own life is unshakable.

Talent number 2 – Kindness and open-mindedness

These personalities need their fellow human beings because their talents develop most optimally in intensive cooperation with others. You need the feedback of your professional environment, at the same time you are extremely team-oriented. You have the special gift of being able to absorb and utilize everything that comes from others.

You are able to develop and optimize knowledge acquired in this way, and you are always open to suggestions. Although you are an excellent leader, it is difficult for you to accept such positions because you are very harmony-seeking and want to please everyone.

People with talent number 2 are empathetic, have a lot of intuition, and can empathize well with others. You lack both courage and the necessary incentive to go it alone. Not only is your caring nature striking, even towards your team, but you also act very diplomatically and are excellent at settling conflicts, which makes you ideal for a mediator role.

Talent number 3 – resourcefulness and versatile personality

You show your talents in a somewhat combative and impatient manner. You are strong-willed and possess a remarkable ability to implement. If you can feel and perceive yourself, you are a real bundle of energy, enthusiastic about life and full of commitment to a job that brings variety, a certain speed, autonomy and responsibility. You need joy, liveliness and fun in your work, but you also want to earn well according to your performance.

Once you have discovered your talents, you can use them energetically and quickly realize even seemingly impossible visions. Since you are equipped with an optimal team spirit, you can work well in a group. You are creative, flexible, eloquent, have a quick grasp of things, can organize well, and find solutions quickly.

You also recover in a short time and can quickly continue with renewed strength. Courage and foresight are basic characteristics of these valuable people. People with talent number 3 are able to carry others along with their verve and motivate them to participate. However, they often overtax others in their environment because they can hardly set limits and generally have more strength than most other people.

Talent number 4 – drive and willpower

You have a great power of persuasion, especially when it comes to ideals. However, you also combine this really impressive idealism with a clear sense of reality, because you never act rashly. One of your positive qualities is generosity. If you live this and your cordiality, it is even easier for you to develop your talents – provided you find the courage to do so.

You have good leadership qualities, and even more, you like to take other people under your wing. You are also able to give comfort, to listen and you show yourself to be a born pastor, especially from the age of 35 to 40. It would be essential that you learn to distance yourself and to take care of yourself. People with the talent number 4 are very determined when they decide on a path. It is important for you to recognize the connections and to go into details without losing the overview.

Talent number 5 – eloquence and liveliness

As a special gift, people with this talent number have a good ability to concentrate. In general, it takes you a long time to find out what your talents are and what you enjoy doing. However, once you find your place in life, you are able to go your way and come into power.

In order to develop your abilities, you need a lot of patience and also guidance from the outside, which helps you to optimize your resources. You have an excellent memory and immense endurance. Because of your great sense of responsibility and commitment, you can fit into a team as well as prove yourself in leadership positions. You are able to recognize problems quickly and find solutions immediately.

People with talent number 5 are empathetic and have a good understanding of human nature. They have a great sense for other people and often discover where they got stuck on their life path and what blocks they have. Frequent changes of profession and location are characteristic of these people.

Talent number 6 – Optimizer and high commitment

People with this talent number have the special ability to manage everyday life well for themselves and others. You have a quick perception, a good ability to adapt, a lot of energy, a tireless optimism, you are a good networker and quickly discover mistakes or loose ends. You can plan precisely and are still flexible. Improvisation and analytical intelligence are the basic characteristics of these people. You not only demonstrate great mobility and flexibility but also have a lively, alert mind.

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Therefore, you can take any place in the working world. Since you are extremely communicative, have a talent for languages, and are also good at writing, you should work in journalism or take up a profession in the field of PR. People with talent number 6 have great visions, but at the same time, they are practical and realistic.

Your mind works like a powerful computer – all inputs are absorbed immediately. Your good intuition makes you react to new impressions as quickly and confidently as no one else. With your flexibility and empathy, you can definitely amaze those around you.

Personalities with talent number 6 are always looking for new ways to realize their talents. Starting over, again and again, is in line with the idea of these people, as they basically want a varied life. You also do well in leadership positions because you are able to push through visions, motivate people and act diplomatically. Sometimes you are able to listen well, but occasionally you are too convinced of your opinion and come across as cool.

Talent number 7 – introspection and insight

Personalities with this talent number always need the feeling of being able to further their education. You are interested in spirituality and have spiritual abilities.

As a diligent and inquisitive person, you are also willing to endure lengthy training in order to reach your goal. Always provided that you can develop yourself with joy and light-heartedness. You have the best “jumping qualities” and can adapt to new circumstances in a flash. Your good knowledge of human nature and other talents make it clear that you should choose your profession in a field where you work with people.

You are also very well suited for methodical work, especially in a professional field where you can develop or research something.

Personalities with talent number 7 should always write down their intuitive thoughts, because sometimes they have creative ideas, but they have a hard time remembering them because their mind is too active.

Talent number 8 – Ambition and power of manifestation

People with this talent number have a strong gift for creating harmony and standing up for justice. You are extremely warm, kind as well as sensitive and give the feeling as if you want to embrace the whole world.

With your remarkable charisma you are able to bring people together. You can estimate the consequences of your decisions and statements very well, which is why you rarely overshoot the mark and hardly ever fall out of character.

Balance is extremely important to you. You always try to be diplomatic and have everything under control. Sometimes you fall into the pattern of wanting to keep your life under control. This helps you to push your artistic side.

Your creativity is varied and often concentrated in free expression with the body: singing, dancing, movement. You are aesthetic and because of your natural sensitivity and charisma, you are well suited for leadership positions where you can apply your many talents. Due to your friendly and positive nature, your empathy and your foresight, you are an excellent team player.

Talent number 9 – Wisdom and relationship skills

People with this talent number have the gift of second sight, which means that their sense of foreboding is unusually pronounced. You should develop this talent by learning to pay attention to your intuitive thoughts and to trust them. You are already very disciplined and willing to work on yourself and develop your talents. Your instincts are well developed, as are your intuition and creativity.

You combine an inner sense of order and structure with your remarkable intuition. You are helpful, a team player can relate to people, are willing to travel and develop yourself. Your creativity and empathy often affect your social skills as well, so you can do jobs in the social field.


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