Do you ever catch yourself suddenly thinking about someone else? And have you then wondered if they are thinking about you?

Is it possible dreaming of someone means you are in their thoughts? If you think about someone, are you on their mind?

How can you tell if someone is missing you? Are your thoughts about someone somehow communicated to them?

Are these sensations something you have experienced? Is it somehow conceivable to pick up on someone thinking about you?

There are so many questions, but let’s try answering them by first learning the basics and then tackling each in turn.

What’s a psychic phenomenon?

According to parapsychology, this phenomenon seems to contradict customary physical laws. Parapsychology also suggests that the cause is linked to a mental process. This process is known as telepathy, second sight, clairvoyance, or ESP (extrasensory perception) in layperson terms.

However, scientific explanations are hard to come by for these feelings.

One such sensation that falls into this category is feeling the gaze. Explaining this will be simpler if you have already experienced it. But essentially, it is some form of sixth sense informing us that we are being watched.

Related is the compulsive sensation that another person is thinking about us.

How you tell when you are in another’s thoughts

You will only appreciate when others think of you if you get the sense that they are doing so. Being in someone else’s thoughts and being remembered can be comforting, flattering even. But only if you know about it.

If the person you hold dear, you would most assuredly want to know when you pop into their head. And in which context? Having some insight into that person’s thinking will undeniably give you a much better idea regarding your relationship’s status.

However, there is always the possibility the person is thinking negatively about you. It may not always be positive vibes.

There could well be unflattering thoughts concerning you. The person may be pondering about how irritating you are. Or how they strongly dislike you. Worryingly, they may even be having obsessive or harmful thoughts about you!

It’s human nature to want to know what other people really think about us in private. Possessing knowledge like this can only serve us well in the long term.

But now comes the killer question of how to detect the psychic signals you are in somebody’s thoughts. Is it even possible? Or is it just a myth and legend perpetuated by TV and movies?

Evidently, the answer to the latter question appears to be no. It is just a case of keeping your extrasensory detection alive. If you can do this, you can learn to feel the energy transmitted by the person thinking about you.

Today, it is widely acknowledged that the universe is composed of energy vibrating at various frequencies. This applies equally to our feelings and thoughts. They are energy vibrations as well. Therefore, when you come to mind, the person thinking of you sends out energy vibrations that we can detect.

We have compiled the following 11 telltale signs to help you tune in to your feelings and more easily detect psychic energy signals.

Sign #1

Hiccups – It’s normal to get hiccups after a meal. It isn’t enjoyable, for sure. But a random about of hiccups can be a sign that someone is having negative thoughts regarding you. Fortunately, you can tell who that person is.

Take a mental note of when you get the hiccups. Dismiss apparent triggers such as eating or drinking too fast or to excess. Health conditions and some medications can bring on random episodes of hiccups.

Look around when the hiccups strike to see if the same person is always present. If you can link the hiccups to a specific person, then they are the ones being hostile or even slandering you.

Sign #2

Sneezing – When you sneeze, it is often said that someone is missing you. Sneezes that come out of the blue are attributed to someone thinking about or missing you. You can trace its roots to several Asian cultures.

It is also these thoughts about you that trigger that uncontrollably itchy feeling on your nose—the kind of itchy nose that makes you want to sneeze repeatedly.

However, not all sneezes are equal. There is likely to be a more mundane reason, such as a cold. But suppose you aren’t feeling poorly and sneezing continually. This is a sure sign another is having positive or happy thoughts about you. They could well be either missing you or in love.

You can, though, identify the person. Just ask someone who’s around to give you a random three-digit number. Add up the three numbers and use this value to select the corresponding alphabet letter. Whatever letter you get is the initial of the person with thoughts about you. You can then work out the rest.

Sign #3

Burns ears or cheeks – That sudden burning sensation of an ear or cheek – that’s another big tell. If your ear or cheek suddenly gets hot and starts to pulsate a little, chances are someone is having negative thoughts about you. It could also mean they are bad-mouthing you somewhere when you’re not present.

You will feel this in either an ear or cheek. It’s like someone has invisibly slapped you. Or, in this case, slapped you around with words or thoughts. A feeling of being flushed may also accompany the burning sensation. And, depending on your skin tone, a reddening of the ears and cheeks.

Suppose there’s no other apparent reason for this burning, tingling, and flushing sensation, such as a fever. In that case, it’s a sure indication that your name is being tarnished and dragged through the mud.

More pleasantly, some people say that a burning ear, usually the left, is a sign of love.

Sign #4

Itchy or twitchy eye – Leaving eye infections aside, a sudden itch or twitch in your eye means you are in someone’s thoughts. These thoughts could be positive or negative. There’s no way to tell for sure.

You will get a steer on which it is depending on which eye is affected. But it differs in men and women.

For males, a twitchy right eye is usually considered a positive sign, and the left is unfavorable. Curiously, perhaps, it is the opposite way round in women. A twitchy or itchy left eye hints at praise for females, while the right suggests criticism is being dispensed.

But first, rule out all the apparent causes of eye itching or twitching, such as dust, allergies, medical ailments, or insect bites. Other natural causes could include lack of sleep, stress, general tiredness, or even poor diet.

Sign #5

Sudden discomfort during a meal – Imagine this. You are eating a meal calmly, slowly, and without a care in the world. You’re neither chatting nor being distracted in any way. You are not in a hurry to go. Then, from nowhere, you start choking on your food and beginning violently coughing.

It could be because there is stress or tension of some sort in the room with you. If anyone in your immediate vicinity is feeling very stressed, then that will be transmitted to you. The consequence is you experience difficulty swallowing your food. This, in turn, leads you to choke and then cough to clear the obstruction.

However, suppose this does not apply to the circumstances. In that case, it could hint at someone having harmful or destructive thoughts concerning you. This negativity is finding its way to your subconscious mind via telepathy. It’s this transmission of negativity that causes you to choke and cough.

Sign #6

Odd touch sensations – Have you ever felt you are being touched even when there is no one else around?

The good news is there’s nothing paranormal to this. Unlike some of the other signs we outline, there’s nothing to get worried over. There is, in fact, a perfect explanation for these weird touch sensations.

As we discussed earlier, feelings and thoughts emit energy vibrations. When someone thinks of you, mentions you in conversation, or expresses strong feelings toward you, they all transmit energy vibrations. The intensity of the touch you experience depends on the person’s strength of feelings when thinking or talking about you.

To gauge whether that person’s thoughts are negative or positive, you need to decide what kind of touch you feel. Did it feel like a loving touch or a gentle caress? If so, the thoughts are all positive. However, if the touch was forceful or unpleasant, the chances are that the thoughts were not good and were more likely angry or sad.

Sign #7

Goosebumps – The feeling and sight of goosebumps are familiar as they are intimately connected to your feelings and thoughts. Typically, goosebumps will appear when you remember some incident from the past that made you excited or happy.

If there’s nothing like this on your mind and you get goosebumps, it is often a strong indication that someone else is doing that for you. Thinking about you in a positive light is a siren that someone is attracted to and drawn toward you.

Thanks to the other person’s energy transmissions, your subconscious mind subconsciously feels these good thoughts and feelings for you. When your subconscious mind decodes these signals, they are revealed as goosebumps.

However, always bear in mind that goosebumps could appear because of a cold snap or because you’re replaying good memories in your head. Equally, goosebumps could be confirmation that you have another’s love, and they’re processing tender thoughts and missing you.

Sign #8

Dreams – When the same person repeatedly appears in your dreams, it is a sure sign that they are thinking about you. The probability of this increases if you haven’t met or spoken for a long time.

The more intense the person’s thoughts are about you, the more intense the energy transmission signals received by your subconscious mind. Your mind decodes these signals and presents them as that person in your dreams.

Sadly, there’s no hard and fast way to know whether these thoughts are for good or ill. You may get some clues in your dreams about the type of thought that’s being expressed about you. If you can tune yourself in, you may get an inkling of sorts from the vibes in your dreams.

Sign #9

Incomprehensible emotions – Sometimes, for no apparent reason, the brakes can be applied to your good day by a sudden wave of sad thoughts. Or conversely, your lousy day suddenly seems not so bad after all, and you feel tranquil and at peace. This pendulum of emotions is often inexplicable and perhaps even a little disturbing.

But, in reality, there’s no need to worry as a straightforward explanation is at hand.

Your emotional state is getting disrupted by another person’s energy vibrations. Whether it is good or bad thoughts and feelings, the inevitable consequence is the transmission of energy vibrations.

Again, the intensity of the thought is proportional to the impact it has on your subconscious mind.

Whether you are feeling happy or sad, you can suddenly become calm, peaceful, and happy. This is the kind of thing that dislodges your mind during a busy workday.

Sign #10

White feathers – In many cultures, finding a white feather is a symbol to remind you of a loved one who’s no longer with you. Often, finding a feather is a token of solace when you grieve the loss of a loved one. It tells people that all is well.

Not only does finding a white feather indicate that the loved one is fine and in a good place, but it also informs you they are thinking about you.

What the white feather is saying is that your loved one wants you to stop worrying about them. And that they are looking over you and want happiness for you.

Sign #11

A butterfly lands on you – Cultures around the world often regard butterflies as spiritual beings. They are credited with amplifying the energy transmission between people. When a butterfly settles on you, it means it is carrying the thought energies of the person thinking about you.

Logically, this idea may seem far-fetched if you are out in nature, where butterflies are usually found. But if the butterfly lands on or comes close to you when you are indoors, it is a clear signal about the interconnected nature of the universe.

It is challenging for many people to accept that there is such a psychic phenomenon. Or whether telepathy can transmit thoughts and feelings, negative or positive, to you via energy vibrations.

As science is unable to explain these signs, perhaps it is best to give them the benefit of the doubt in the meantime. After all, there’s much to gain and nothing to lose.


Tania Gabrielle is an astrologer, numerologist, and psychic. She is the creator of Numerology Academy - the first online certification course in Astro-Numerology. The course has been taught to thousands of students across 37 countries.

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