What are the best Law of Attraction techniques? What exercises to do to use the Law of Attraction? What are the most straightforward Law of Attraction techniques?

These are some of the questions I receive daily about the Law of Attraction, and also what people ask themselves when they want to use the Law of Attraction in their favor.

The techniques and exercises are a great option when you know what you want to attract into your life but are still unsure what to do or think that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you.

It’s a good thing that several are available nowadays; some are simpler, and others not so much. But it’s not always easy to find good exercises and choose which one to use, so in this article, I’ll show you 3 simple Law of Attraction techniques that you can do today.

These are techniques that I learned from Abraham Hicks and that made a big difference in my life, but they are not complicated to use, and anyone can do them. So keep reading if you want to have some good “cards up your sleeve” to attract what you want.

1 – Simple Law of Attraction Technique for Receiving Help from the Universe

This is one of the most straightforward Law of Attraction techniques that I use almost every day, and it has fantastic results. It will help you let go of your desires and allow the Universe to do its job to deliver what you want, taking away the weight of needing to control everything. It’s straightforward to do: first, take a sheet of paper and draw a line in the middle, dividing it into two sides. Write your name on one side and “Universe” on the other.

Under your name, define some actions you can take to attract what you want. If you want more money, for example, write down what you are willing to do to get it. Define simple actions that can put you in that direction, like talking to potential clients, starting a new project, sending out resumes, or dedicating yourself to your job, for example.

On the Universe side, you will write down what you want to “outsource” for the Universe to take you through the Law of Attraction. Things like meeting the right people, reaching the best clients, getting a pay raise, or finding an ideal job are some examples. This technique will help you remember that with every step you take, the Universe takes several steps with you. This will make you more open to receiving the support you desire.

2 – Dream Scripting

This is one of the most powerful and simple Law of Attraction techniques, because you only need 3 things to do it:

  • Paper;
  • Pencil;
  • Clarity of your desire.

In my training sessions, I explain more about how powerful writing is and that there is something almost magical about putting down on paper what you wish to attract.

This is because when you write, you materialize something from the invisible to the visible in a straightforward way. This is very important for your subconscious mind to realize that your desire can, YES, be materialized, which reduces internal resistance.

But how to do this exercise? It’s easy: just write what you want to manifest as if it were happening right now.

So write in the first person, in the present tense, and also include the positive emotions you feel during this realization.

Let your imagination flow and really feel as if you were making your wish come true right now. Notice how your vibration rises during this technique, and this is extremely important for attracting what you want because the Law of Attraction always delivers to you that which aligns with your vibration.

3 – Avalanche of Appreciation – Simple Technique to Raise Your Vibration

This is a straightforward technique that will also help you raise your vibration, which in turn enables you to attract better things into your life.

In other words, you attract more of what you focus on. But sometimes it seems complicated to focus on good things, doesn’t it? And that’s why this exercise is so good, because it helps you appreciate more things with ease.

But be careful not to do this technique in a very damaging moment, so as not to create more resistance. To do it, you just need to be present and observe how your life is right now. Look around you and see all the good things around you.

Choose something that you appreciate and give thanks for it. It can be anything, from something as simple as a pen you like to something more unique, like a new cell phone, for example.

The most important thing is to appreciate what already exists in your life. With that feeling of appreciation, shift your focus to something else that you also understand, and keep doing that. Your job here is just to enjoy the good things that already exist in your life. And the more you do that and let that energy expand, the more good things you will attract through the Law of Attraction. Because, as I said before, the Law of Attraction works all the time, and you always attract what you tune into your vibration.

That’s why this exercise is so powerful, because with it you train your mind to focus on good things and expand your sense of appreciation, thus allowing you to attract more good things into your life.

More Law of Attraction tips

If you’ve learned about the Law of Attraction from me, you know that it works all the time, so it’s important to know how to use it to your advantage so it doesn’t end up getting in your way.

These simple techniques are great ways to get started, but it’s even more important to understand more about how the Law works and create a better life with this knowledge. So I recommend that you apply these simple techniques every day, but continue.


Tania Gabrielle is an astrologer, numerologist, and psychic. She is the creator of Numerology Academy - the first online certification course in Astro-Numerology. The course has been taught to thousands of students across 37 countries.

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